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    Wanted Disk brake Fj40 axle

    If it's in good condition and complete w/calipers, hubs, etc., $500 is fair. The '78 axle is a bolt in deal. You'll need a proportioning valve for the rear axle, Wilwood from Summit Racing will work fine. If the guy with the '78 axle also has the booster, M/C and OEM proportioning valve you'll...
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    Pitman arm angle

    The stops welded to the axle are tweaked. New, OEM are nice and rounded. The knuckle casting is threaded, so you can easily turn the adjuster out an 1/8". You can get more adjustment (limiting) by moving the nuts to the inside. Not sure what size tires and what kind of wheeling you do, but...
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    Pitman arm angle

    FWIW, this is pretty common. OEM stops are not the stoutest ones available. I've seen them bent to the point they are doing virtually nothing to control the knuckle travel. (That's how you blow up birfs more easily) Bigger tires mean more leverage on the knuckle, making it easier to bend the...
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    Pitman arm angle

    I think I see part of your problem. The stop on the back of the right side of the axle is bent, as is the front stop on the left side of the axle, giving you slightly more right turn then left. It only takes a few degrees to make a difference. Turn out the stops a bit to compensate. In the grand...
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    Wanted Disk brake Fj40 axle

    I have one that is a mini-truck conversion, but shipping from California is a challenge. If all you want is front disk brakes, do a mini-truck or FJ60 conversion onto your existing axle. This opens up your options considerably and only requires slightly more than basic mechanical skills and a...
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    Pitman arm angle

    Where are your steering stops set at the knuckles?
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    Rubithon 19 - Anyone from San Diego Going ?

    Come on up! Don't let a little windshield time in an FJ40 deter you, even though it feels like you'll never get where you're going. We'd love to have you. I'm sure you can hook up with folks along the way, especially if you come up on Hwy 99.
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    FJ62 owner pining for FJ40 with questions about Florida vehicles on eBay.

    Look in the 'mud classifieds! Place an ad in Wanted. Be open to shipping from the west and southwest where rust is less of an issue. Unless you KNOW how to identify rust repairs, that original patina you may not be happy with will let you see the 40's life story. Reach out to members to do...
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    First Landcruiser - '67 FJ40 eBay crap shoot.

    Wrong hood for a '67
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    31st Annual Rubithon - 2019 Registration Now Open - NEW DATES!!

    Okay, everyone that is following this thread needs to read the first post. There are new dates for the Rubithon. See, @pardion , I told you an announcement was coming soon!
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    31st Annual Rubithon - 2019 Registration Now Open - NEW DATES!!

    Stay tuned, John. An official announcement is coming soon.;)
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    Frame vs Body mounts

    I know this doesn't help you, but I've heard this before and have to wonder if the folks that build replacement tubs and body parts have ever heard of an assembly jig. If I can stick an OEM 77 tub on a 64 frame (13 years apart), how hard can it be to get the body mounts in the right location?
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    bolt size

    From the looks of it, @Coolerman must have too much time on his hands. Thank goodness he does! Most excellent list, in my favorite list format. :cheers:
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    Rattle Coming From 4WD Shift Lever

    Plenty of good home remedies around for the OEM shifter rattle if you want to keep it. If you're not a purist, like the thought of having 2WD Lo easily available and are looking for a new toy to install, twin sticks are nice. :)
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