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    Recovering rear jump seats on a 67

    Spector Off Road
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    31st Annual Rubithon - 2019 Registration Now Open - NEW DATES!!

    The Rubithon gets closer every day and right now there are only 88 days left before the event starts (but who's counting). AND....the wild weather continues for the Sierra-Nevada range. Heck, here in northern California, depending on where you are, we've had as much as 2+ inches of rain, temps...
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    Wanted Wanted : OEM FJ60 front and rear bumpers in good condition (End caps not needed)

    I have a FJ62 rear bumper in "much better than good condition", that I just pulled this past weekend. Are you still looking for one? I can get pictures if you still need one.
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    SOLD FJ60/62 Fuel tank breather tube connector

    Did you ever find one? I just pulled one in excellent shape from an 1989 FJ62. Can provide pics if still interested.
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    350 Chevy in fj45

    'Mud wouldn't be as much fun without hypos ;)
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    350 Chevy in fj45

    The Hun is a German, not sure why you need two of them. IMHO, Engine and transmission conversions work best when you place them where they should be, rather where they can be made to fit. Most adapter kits that rely on the OEM frame brackets have less than optimal engine placement, either too...
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    What had happened was...

    I see some issues that need to be addressed before you start to develop cracks in your frame. The area above the OEM round hole needs to be rebuilt. I would back it with a piece of steel, weld it up and grind it pretty. I would grind everything else smooth and weld back any torch cuts and...
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    introduction.. new forum member

    Welcome aboard! That 40 probably isn't used to cold weather ;)
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    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    Yep, conduit down from the ceiling.
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    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    That's a big 10-4 on the BS in CA.
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    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    I really do like the idea, but I am having enough fun now with my structural engineer/architect, California Building Codes, and Shasta County Building Codes for what essentially a simple, uninhabited (not a residence) box. In almost any other state this shop would take a quarter the time to...
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    New member

    Welcome! Lots of seasoned FJ40 folks here, and no shortage of practical advice.
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    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    Thanks for the insight, Gents. Trust me, if my old shop had a high enough ceiling I would have bought a lift much sooner. I am surprised at the support for the Rotary Lifts, good to know. The budget only allowed for a 30X54 shop. It will have a mezzanine for storage over the area where my work...
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    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    Well, my new three bay shop is underway and I am planning ahead for a two-post lift. I am looking for feedback from those among you that ACTUALLY HAVE AND USE a two-post lift to work under an FJ40. I have researched some of the material from BendPak and Rotary Lift, but am looking for some...
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