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    2003 Amazon ahc no power to relay

    Wait, you KNOW you've reversed polarity trying to jump the rig, possibly more than once? Sell the rig and get a pronged electric car. Hard to fu(k that up since they typically only plug in one way.
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    Help Price My 100 Pls

    List it for $50k, adjust from there. Let the market decide, or perhaps a desperate nutter fulfill your wildest sale price fantasy.
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    Help Price My 100 Pls

    Winner winner chicken dinner
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    Hopkins 7 Blade Towing to OEM

    Ring out the OEM connector and then identify pin 3 (tail lights/parking lights, +12V when you turn them on for the truck wiring) to get the proper orientation. Label the OEM wires with tape and markings. Then just match up with the wiring diagram with that Hopkins part. Solder AND secure...
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    rain leak dripping passenger side by glove box

    That specific area is known to rust at the lip where the windshield sits and mates to the OEM windshield seal. You can try dropping that corner of the headliner and gooping the crap out of everything, but the rust will continue, and the gap will probably grow.
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    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    PM sent
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    Firestone Airbag Fix Suggestions

    6 of one, half dozen .....
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    LX Owners = BMW owners?

    BALLSY motor. Unbelievable carbon buildup. Thing was just as quick to 50mph as my old E60 M5 6mt. Waaaay better than the 2.0td that replaced it.
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    Need help identifying growling/chirping sound.

    THE most reliable you can make it is to park it and unplug the battery. Probably not an option though?
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    AHC wont raise after battery out

    Unhook the trailer, adjust torsion bars to get AHC pressures in/near spec, install rear spring air bag inserts for towing. /thread
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    Need help identifying growling/chirping sound.

    You are now officially a victim of MUD-induced scope creep
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    LX Owners = BMW owners?

    Must you cuddle and caress it too?
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    LX Owners = BMW owners?

    Buy the $250 Schwaben diagnostic tool and get button cover protectors. Best to immediately bond with the tool (perhaps some tender cuddling and caressing) since you'll be using it often and it will save you $$$$ in the long run.
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    02 LC Deploys Brakes for No Reason

    Was it the VSC light or the "vehicle looks like it is sliding back and forth driving forward" light on the dash? From experience, the latter can be due to a loose wheel bearing.
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