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    BJ42 Glow Plugs

    I think you should be getting more than 2 years of life out of them. You can test if they are getting stuck on by putting a voltmeter on the bus bar that connects all glow plugs together while the car is running. That would at least rule that out and would only take a minute to work out.
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    Full bolt kit - Fj40 rebuilds

    I bought a similar kit and its been great. Just be aware there are some bolts that just aren't in those sizes or are a bit different. So don't go throwing out all your old ones.
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    Help me improve my suspension - BJ42 3B 1981

    Mate I wouldn't bother with any crazy shackles or fabrications. Go get some OME soft springs and shackles and do it right. Suspension is probably the last thing you should cheap out on. Toyota designed the suspension the way they did for a reason. I can't remember seeing a spring pack with as...
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    Learn from me - Bad build experience Ed Martin

    I can't get my head around the obsession some members on this forum have with the Toyota Master Mechanic. You guys have been drinking the Toyota coolaid. These guys are just mechanics and probably have 2 or 3 apprentices with them that do most of the work. I wouldn't even take my car to a...
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    Project - why did i do this?

    Yeah don't get too down about it, you have done an incredible job so far, there is always going to be mistakes along the way with a project this large. Its all part of it, those mistakes you learn from and they add character to the car anyway.
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    These are some more goodies i've bought lately. When i was cleaning/painting all the bits in the engine bay i resprayed the horns. When i went to install them they no longer worked. I scratched my head for ages and couldn't work it out. You never realize how often you need your horn until...
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    I still havn't taken the 42 out since i potentially fixed the clunk, so i'm still not sure its fixed properly, i've been super busy. While i haven't had time to go on a trip i had a bit of time to install my dual battery set up. I bought a battery tray from Piranha Off Road specially built for...
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    Ok next was the drive shafts. I pulled them out and two of the uni joints were really quite tight. That gave me hope, especially the rear on on the transfer case side. My intention was to remove the shafts, take them to my dads joint and press them out using his bearing press next time i go...
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    I've been a bit quiet on the 42' lately. I've been on holidays and did a bunch of 4WD'ing and hiking out of the 80 series. I had a big drive to Charlotte Pass to hike Mount Kosciuszko and a big 4WD back to Buchan to watch the Buchan Rodeo so the 80 was a bit more practical for this trip. So...
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    I totally agree. I'm going to look into the Winter trip they do near Woods Point. Thats probably my favourite 4WD region and generally guaranteed snow in the Winter.
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    Should I replace this?

    Well you sounded like you just answered your own question. If you need all parts to be correct then replace it.
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    HJ47 Origin Help

    Can confirm with Onur, mine is Aus with same RV-KCQ
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    Your thoughts are requested

    I do think you should go out and use it for what it was intended for but i don't think your two mods are really that necessary. Being a short wheel base it's going to be super rare you get hung up in the middle and bash you side steps. I took mine up some pretty serious tracks the other week...
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    Yeah i saw a photo on my misus facebook of them on top of Blue Rag, i think i missed them by a week. I've never liked the idea of being in a 4 wheel drive club but seeing their photos i rekon it could be a lot of fun. I'm going to look into it.
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    Builds 'Little Yellowy' 1982 BJ42 LX build

    Yup thats the one. It's just wide enough to roll a single swag out and have a little fire. I sometimes feel a bit guilty camping there as it's such a good look out and lots of people stop for a look, so I only set up really late in the day and pack up and leave early.
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