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    Advice on possible purchase

    assembled the value is there but as is would be too much at 11k. When you have not dismantled the rig the reassembly is a lot harder and time consuming & costly. For that amount of money there would have to be compensating items like a beautiful frame, nicely done drive train, new brakes...
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    Bay Area shop recs

    Mudraks Yodaman Cruiser Brothers Haggins Auto
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    Wiring help

    Follow the burned wire( every inch of it ) until you find the issue. Whatever caused the melt may have been corrected or you may find the smoking gun, verify what it goes to, determine that part is ok, replace wire. Just fixing the wire and not knowing what melted it or determining that the...
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    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    Did you buy it from a guy named Nolan ? In the clubhouse section check Pacific Mountain Cruisers, the club has members from all over bay area and schedules group events throughout the year.
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    Total Rebuild needed, I think, selling "T" case for funding

    You post this elsewhere ? Craigslist, ebay, etc......... Check the classified sections on here under WTB ?
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    Club members FIRE evacuees

    Dave, you would be surprised at how many people say I am full of s*** regarding the wet ash. Every time you opened a door or window there was a plum of ash so I prioritized shop vacing around the doors and windows then rinse, then vac up the ash & wet s***, then move to next little area, about...
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    What am I missing on my '69 40 heating system?

    I do not know the factory location of the shut off, put them where you like them.
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    Club members FIRE evacuees

    Insurance guy came today to asses smoke damage, Lots of ash, lots, like it sucked into the attic insulation and they want to replace that and all the duct work. Outside is an ash s*** show, retard neighbors are using blowers to clean it, power washing creates a wet pasty pile of ash that...
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    Car hauler needed

    Action rents has them very reasonable, I have a 14ft you can use.
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    reassembling axle

    Helps to spend some time with emry cloth and the post on the steering arm and the inside dia. of bearing to make them slide together so that the shim pack determines the height and not a press fit of inner bearing race and steering arm post, same for lower trunnion post.
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    What am I missing on my '69 40 heating system?

    You can run the cable controlled flow valve where you like it best. Put a second one to control flow to rear unit. Try to design it so that when you have the valves closed ( no heat ) the intake warmer still circulates.
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    1965 FJ 40 blinkers not working

    I'm with Mark on it's the switching unit attached to the arm, if the hazards flash they use same ground at light as blinkers and should use same flasher. Curious, have you tried the blinkers while parking/running lights on ? ( headlight switch at first pull ) Does the hazard flash the tail...
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    Builds Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    Oh its a squirrel cage al right. Looks great , Red's new grocery getter.
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    Tie rod ends rubbing rims

    How bad is the rub ? Mine used to just barely rub the boot and after awhile it would wear a cut in the boot. I ran it like that and liked it cause if the steering arms get loose you can hear and feel the tie rod end dragging on the rim. New boots every once in awhile does not hurt anyway. I...
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    Builds Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    You did the clutch right ? That is not a big as deal as you make it sound, the rest of us can't walk under the truck ;)
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