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    Headlight Replacements

    Round eyes, has nice LED ones with built in blinker/running lights on a separate lead and they were plug & play with my 70' fj40 wiring & they fit in the bucket and secured with the stock ring, easy install.
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    H42 Rebuild - a few questions

    Using old drum brake axle grease, the thick dirty yellow stuff to stick that thrust washer in place helps alot, works for setting the roller pins where the input & output meet as well.
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    My Build tread 2011 tacoma

    No shark bite paint job ?
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    TLCA Cancelled! - 32nd Annual Rubithon Wagon Run Official Thread, Date Change - August 19-23, 2020

    well thats a new one, nice carnage, pardion is a good guy to see when in need
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    Shocks for a linked fj40

    will the drag link end on the pitman arm tolerate full drop pass side ?
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    Leavin for th mountain Thurs morning,

    Fordyce , Rubicon, havent cided yet, anyone else headed up this weekend ?
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    Turn Signal Issue

    sounds like a hazard flasher problem.
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    3-Speed Transfer Case Shift Linkage?

    You are confused because there are 2 set ups with the difference being the length of the shift arm for the 4wd. The short arm(which you have) has the boss on top of housing for the connector arms for the shifter. If you had the linkage system for the short arm set up then the boss would be...
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    Locker switch locations

    I like em just under dash to the right of the e-brake handle.
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    Best practice for securing brake line to UCA?

    use one of the single screw line clamps for 1/4 inch tube and bolt it with the line above the hole, look much cleaner. You know the ones for fuel line that come with the black rubber insulator on the clamp.
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    Brake bleeding question front disk rear drums

    ok if drums and shoes are tight and pedal soft isolated to rear wc's via the vise grip on soft line then try gravity bleeding the rears starting with wc that has an in & an out discoonet conector tube at other wc, and at the in & out wc. gravity bleed until fluid comes out the connector tube...
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    8274 bumper build.

    Bumper weighs as much as my entire 40
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    Brake bleeding question front disk rear drums

    What pighead said X 1000, most important is to have the rear wheel on and torqued, changes the drum more than you think, set it with drag, like enough that when you return from test drive you think the rears are hot, like he said the shoes will seat in after 3 or 4 tripsaround the block.
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    Mildew Covered Interior on 1982 FJ40 out of Long Term Storage

    bleach and water in a spray bottle and a stack of old towels, use white towels and youll see the color from the mildew as it collects on the rag when you wipe. youll be suprised at how much is there. I'd get after the foam in the seats for sure, if doing a nice resto then I'd have them redone...
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