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    Short term vehicle storage

    We can make room at the shop. We had a few leave over the weekend so there's a bit of space in the lot.

    Brake repair videos


    CLCC Tech Day 3/23

    Did you see that Trial Tailor is making new channels now? I've got a truck to do and that's likely the direction I'm going.

    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    A lot of times single piston calipers will wear one side faster even with free slides. The piston acts on the one pad first and the force is all on it to push the caliper sideways to engage the far side. So the piston side pad engages ever so slightly before the far side pad.

    Drivetrain repair videos

    Just uploaded a video on changing out 100 Series CV axles.

    FJ62 and FZJ80 Stainless Exhaust

    We do. But we've been so busy with regular repair work I haven't had time to build them lately. I've been just keeping a waiting list and when I get a few folks I take a week and build a batch.

    LOCAL Resources for Service, Parts, Tools, Supplies, Services Etc.

    I'm pretty sure Brown's next door to me can.

    20th Annual Coal Mine Cruiser Classic

    I'm theoretically in. Hoping to even have the shop 80 built in time to bring it :)

    80 Series Underdrive high range gears and 3:1 low range gears

    In this case I don't think that it would help. The issue is that you're running a new gear against a used gear. The mesh patterns aren't going to be quite the same and that's where you'l get the noise.
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    1fz Crank Holding Tool

    There's not really a need to since the crank spins. Adding more holes would just up the cost of cutting them and add more time broaching. Several of the original iterations had a welded on handle and I never found myself withing for more angles.
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    1fz Crank Holding Tool

    Quick video of the 1fz crank tool. Sold through the first two batches, halfway through the third with a fourth on the way. crank holding tool
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    Engine repair videos

    Just got the final part uploaded.
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    Timing belt replacement guide?

    I did a second set of timing belt videos while i had an engine out. These are easier to see everything in.
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    1fz Crank Holding Tool

    Got the latest batch in. 5 are presold, the other five are on the website and another batch is on the way.
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    80 Series Underdrive high range gears and 3:1 low range gears

    Hmm, maybe. The way the shift hub works I always thought it was either, or. I've never actually counted the output revolutions to see though.
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