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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    Any update on when a 200 rear might be available for shipment?
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    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    Anyone running the new Method 703 in a 17"? They show a 0/4.75 offset/backspace. I'd be running a 285/75R17. That 0 offset is 2-3/8" out from stock... seems like a lot. The other rim I'm looking at would be an Icon Rebound with a better 25mm offset, but I like the idea of the 'Method bead...
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    For Sale 2009 in RI. 169k miles.

    That looks to be the original radiator, at least not the current design. If original, all of them fail. 169k is way past useful life. Just assume it needs to be replaced immediately and do the water pump at the same time. I would, however, check that it isn't the heat exchanger that is...
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    SOLD Oregon 2008 LC,

    Great looking truck! GLWS!
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    For Sale 2014 custom in Portland

    Holy crazy price batman!
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    For Sale Scam Alert: 2009 LX570 at Hiley Buick GMC TX

    I can appreciate your frustration, though this doesn't sound particularly egregious to me. Sales people are good at networking and bringing a deal to closure. They're not by any means mechanical experts. Expecting a detailed list of mechanical flaws is not realistic. You could always hire a...
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    Shock Mount Bolt part numbers

    Man, I just feel sorry every time I look at that rust!
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    200 Maintenance Question

    At $165 and with the amount of labor it takes I wouldn't mess with a fix...
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    200 Maintenance Question

    If it's not the new style then absolutely. 150k is pretty long in the tooth for the defective version. You're on borrowed time. You can see pics of what the part number boss looks like on the 'PSA' radiator thread.
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    200 Maintenance Question

    I just did your list with the addition of the Alternator. It's not a part that could be easily replaced later and mine gets submerged. The time to do it is when the radiator is out. At 228k I would also do all visible hoses up front.
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    Noise from passenger side engine bay

    I had a vibration in my 100. Took it to the dealer thinking it was wheel bearings or bushings. Dealer said to put stock tires back on and bring it back if it still had issues. Worthless.
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    LX570 Premium required

    Don’t know if this has been posted or even if these guys are legit. Have at it. FAQs | D.A.P. Tuning
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    Oil change then cold start rattle 3 days in a row.

    You go through a lot of Land Cruisers!
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    LX570 Premium required

    Interpret it as you will... And for my 2013 Land Cruiser
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    LX570 Premium required

    Doesn't the manual say that 87 can be used if 91 isn't available?
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