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    Tundra/Sequoia Picture Thread!

    Thanks for the info. It’s a great look. I may have to pull that trigger.
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    Tundra/Sequoia Picture Thread!

    Is that front grill an upgrade? Looks great
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Took my little girl for a spin.
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    Builds 1964-1984 FJ40 - "I got it one piece at a time..."

    Where’d you source the replacement panels? Great job on those welds!
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    Mustard 40's

    I see new mustard owners posting.... gotta represent... post it up!
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    FST Reproduction Parts

    I'd be interested in a set of factory soft door handles.
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    SOLD FJ40 Fenders Used - San Diego

    Pm sent
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    SOLD FJ40 - Valve Cover

    I’ll take the valve cover.
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    Wanted OC, CA 12/75 2f Fuel Pump

    You’re right. I’ll buy a new one.
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    Wanted  OC, CA 12/75 2f Fuel Pump

    Looking for one in good condition.
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    Post your pics of your clean daily driven FJ40's

    time to update this.
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    SOLD FJ40 Fuel filter Bowl and Bracket OEM

    If you stumble across another. I'll be right here waiting!
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I love the look of that cruiser. Perfect.
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    Electrical questions

    Sounds like I'll be doing the same!
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    Electrical questions

    Will do. Thank you Sir!
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