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    Bi-fold help

    I'm down to the very last thing I need to get the hardtop finished up on my 64, the only thing I'm missing is some vertical weatherstripping for the bi fold. I know ironpig4x4 has been working on getting some reproductions made but has hit a couple snags. Does anybody know if there is any...
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    Bi-fold Door Vertical Seals

    I'm in for a set. I got no seals, so these certainly beat that. :D
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    Can I have a thread edited?

    Nevermind I just had to disable my PMs to fix the problem. I don't think anybody replies to them anyway. :meh:
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    Can I have a thread edited?

    Hi I put together the 40 section build up thread quite a while back. For about a year after making it I was able to keep track of new threads that came up and were PMed to me. Since the thread had been locked the mod would have me PM the new links to him. Well after several times they never...
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    Recognize this Radiator??

    Try an email?
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    1981 FJ40 Restoration

    Nice build :cheers: Where did you get your speaker brackets?
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    Builds 1964 FJ40 Build

    I used a 31 x 19 Aluminum rad from Summit Racing, I mounted it using these rubber mounts that were threaded on each end. I wouldn't know where to get them tho, I found them in my father's service truck and he doesn't even know where they came from. And right now it's supported up top by a...
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    FJ40 - Body Shop Recommendation Needed in Austin, tx

    That sucks, hopefully it works out for ya. I haven't seen any cruisers around Austin, but then again I'm mostly on campus.
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    Ford Banks for Tow rig

    First off, don't buy banks anything. They make "ok" stuff, but it is way overpriced. And I'm pretty sure Banks doesn't make anything that would be in the classification of "off road" mods, like an EGR block off plate would be. Here is a good article for the EGR block off EGR Block-Off...
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    RUST BULLET or POR15??? Help

    Been there and done that with por15. Now I always take a screwdriver and run a rag around the lip before putting the lid back on.
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    Sbc 350 fuel pump question

    Get the Red Holley electric fuel pump. Adequate flow and is very robust, I mounted mine near the rear part of the frame just in front of the Aux tank since I use the Aux tank as my primary tank.
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    Builds 1964 FJ40 Build

    A fairly new pic. My bikini top and canvas half doors came in today so hopefully I will have that stuff installed soon. I also have the jumpseats and a bezel installed, that should show up in the pics I take after getting the top and doors installed.
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    RUST BULLET or POR15??? Help

    You can't really go wrong with either. Both are excellent paints. The POR15 is probably going to be a little more labor intensive and POR15 also likes a more rough surface, so if you plan on sandblasting the Rust Bullet may work out better for ya.
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    Barn find

    Nice to here you say that. I was about to drive those 50 miles and take that thing from you. :D I can't believe every time I drove through George West that thing was sitting somewhere, nice find. And also I agree with what someone else said, that thing is not resto material. It's gonna have...
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    cooling a tbi

    I run a 400 SBC in the South Texas heat and I've never had a problem with overheating. But then again I started out with this:
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