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    TJM 2.5" Lift Information

    still doing fine after almost 4 years. of course, it's a mommy mobile so i can't say i've truly tested it offroad.
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    Builds “C3PO”-95 locked build-TX

    congrats. i'd name her 'gordita oro'
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    saw this cream puff here on the south side....
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    Shaking at 60mph

    i would check control arm bushings, ball joints and tie rod ends (inner and outer) for play
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    How long do original airbags last?

    not long once you join this forum
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    Looking at UCAs and need some help from those who have been through it

    I'm a fan of the JBA's - beefy construction, reasonable cost, simplicity, rubber bushings with sealed/fixed/greasable ball joints. What's not to like!? I installed JBA's on our GX along with new lower control arms almost a year ago. GX rides great. I'd say the steering feels "heavy" now...
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    GX470 vs LR3?

    My brother bought a used '08 LR3 a couple years ago to replace his 80 series. He bought it in Arkansas and I rode with him on the drive back to Houston. On that 10 hour trip, we took turns driving the LR3. I have to say the LR3 is a pretty sweet ride. Plenty of power, great handling and very...
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    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    go to page 9, see post #175
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    A journey with my boys- The Elf Barn as I call it.

    nice work! as a fellow lankan, i'd down a few shots of old arrack after that evaporator job. :beer:
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    ATF “Exchange”

    You got it. i connected an extra length of hose to that line and routed it into a gallon milk jug. I marked a line at 3 qts on the jug and my daughter would watch the jug while i started the engine. Once the dirty fluid hit the 3qt mark, she'd wave at me and i'd shut off the vehicle. I would...
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    ATF “Exchange”

    Yes, it's a bit confusing which line to pull. My thought was to pull the "return" line going back into the transmission. The idea being that i would be getting fluid returning from the rad and aux coolers. You could get the fluid from the line going from the transmission to the inlet but...
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    ATF “Exchange”

    good tech! did the same for our GX earlier this year. I believe i used the lines from the last picture because i wanted to flush the cooler too. Also, those lines were easier to disconnect - i.e. i could access the hose clamps easier. I replaced the ATF filter as well. Fill as much fresh...
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    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    We just got new tires for our GX. wheels: stock tires: 255/80/17 Toyo Open Country AT II spacers: none Lift: TJM 2.5 lift with JBA upper control arms. lowest perch setting on front springs. These fill the wheel wells so much better than the previous 265/70/17's . My biggest concern with...
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    Air injection pump bypass

    Did you have the CEL's before installing the kit? I think you're on the right track with checking the wiring. Our gx is an '05. I installed the bypass kit years ago and it continues to do it's thing without issue. I put some photos in this thread but no pics of the wire going to the relay...
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