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    Springs and KDSS

    Yeah, their US office and showroom are in Oregon...pretty close to Portland. If you click that, it takes you to their main page. You’ll see a Chat bubble pop up on the bottom right. They are real good about timely communication...they can probably quote you out in a few...
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    Sliders for KDSS?

    GXPDX... Thank you for the info. I’ll definitely look into RSG. With the angle, are you still able to use as a step to get access to the roof rack, etc? BTW, your GX looks great! Thanks again
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    New GX470 Member - Hello!

    Howdy and welcome. I think we all agree that you made a fine choice with the 470! I don’t have anything to add regarding your first 2 questions, but as for rims, maybe consider some take-offs from your local craigslist. I have picked up 3 complete sets of Toyota’s “snowflake” rims, all new, from...
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    Sliders for KDSS?

    Any real-world experience with sliders on KDSS equipped trucks? Right now,I’m looking at White Knuckle, Metal Tech, and RCI... Any others I should be looking at? For those with White Knuckle, does the 11* angle prevent them from being used as a step? We have a RTT, and use the current running...
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    Best Mod for under $100

    It’s not difficult to remove. I’m a 1-banana monkey, and I did it just fine. Take your time and it will go smoothly..
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    Springs and KDSS

    It shouldn’t...mine didn’t. What it will do is leave the dash indicator light on...the one that has the green light next to whatever ride height you are/were set to previous to taking the rear air suspension out. Somewhere there’s a video on how to pull a few fuses to defeat that dash light. As...
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    Springs and KDSS

    Short answer is no, you shouldn’t have a problem. The front suspension isn’t electronically controlled. Only the rear suspension is. If you replace the rear airbags with a traditional coil and shock, you’ll lose this adjustability. If you mean the KDSS being “electronically controlled”, it only...
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    KDSS Lean Eliminator Experiences

    If you still have the stock skid plate like I do, be prepared to clearance it some on the passenger side. The sway bar (with the lean eliminator kit installed) will prevent the skid from fitting correctly.
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    GX470 as a daily driver, should I expect lots of day to dayissues?

    No. GX470 has a timing belt only. No chain. And it needs to be replaced every 90k miles or so. Even if the truck doesn’t have 90-100 k miles on it, the belt is still 15 years old. Rubber degrades with heat and original belt with low miles should still be replaced.
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    Need input

    Sorry....yes, I was to referring to stabilizer legs once parked and the tent deployed. That’s how I read your question. I got nothin’ for stabilizing while underway. Good luck...
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    Need input

    Most trailers with RTT’s on them have “legs” at each corner that you can deploy to keep the trailer from shifting. It’s helpful if these kegs are adjustable, so you can accommodate slightly uneven ground.
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    What issues need to look for when buying 2003/2004 GX470 with 200k miles

    Thrown codes, For example, emissions codes indicating that the SAIS system is failing/ has failed. There is an inexpensive bypass kit for it, as the oem system will fail eventually. Oh, and the air suspension is only in the rear.
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    4.88 or 5.29 gears for my situation?

    Greetings Joe, from a NWFA member here in Oregon. My personal opinion (I also had a heavy, armored jf80, with 35’s and 4.56 gears) is that your eventual tire size should dictate your choice. If you think 35’s, I wouldn’t personally go higher than 4.88, specially considering your description as...
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    Before and after. 2003 GX

    Looks great. Those are my favorite rims...
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    Dogs of MUD!

    My buddy, enjoying an Oregon winter...
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