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    1Hz cooked BEBs

    Cheers for the info Rosco. I was just on the phone to my son. I bought the 80 from him. It came from a deceased estate and when he drove it around it was blowing a lot of smoke so he took it to a diesel shop and they told him the pump was from a turbo model and it had a boost compensator...
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    1Hz cooked BEBs

    My 1hz # 1,2 and 3 big end bearings cooked and ended up like alfoil. There is no damage to the bores or pistons and the cam is fine. The journals on the crank are badly scored and some of the main bearing caps have miner scoring. It got hot going up hill and am left wondering what happened? The...
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    1hz harmonic balancer seal

    Gday Deanta, I recently pull a 1Hz apart. You need to have a sturdy puller to get the harmonic balancer off. I don't know what's available now but I used an old one my dad bought to do the job on his EH Holden back in the mid 70's. I had to file some of the holes on it to make it fit. You need...
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    1HZ 1,2,and 3 big end bearing failure

    Gday, My 80 series threw the #1 conrod big end . The odometer says 380000 klm. Iv'e had the car for quite a while without driving it and finally registered it drove up a hill and it started to get hot and then it started to knock . On pulling it down every thing looks fine apart from...
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    Fitting a turbo to a non turbo diesel

    Gday Mate, thanks for that info. What you have told me make's sense. The bottom ends would surely be the same between turbo and non turbo variants? Maybe turbo charging wont be such a good idea beacause i have a 2 tonne boat that i want to tow. Maybe i should stick with extractors and straight...
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    Fitting a turbo to a non turbo diesel

    Can an 80 series non turbo diesel engines bottom end be beefed up so a turbo can be retrofitted , so it is reliable and doesnt blow up?
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