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    What did you do with your cruiser today?

    FYI, Julian is BACK! I just called and he even answered the phone. I'll be taking my small parts down next week so I'll let you know how things pan out.
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    Builds '73 HZJ40 RestoMod v3.0

    Fuel lines are being plumbed as well.
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    Builds '73 HZJ40 RestoMod v3.0

    That frame table is amaze-balls. I’m working on re-installing the behemoth wiring harness and AC evaporator. There’s precious little room under this dash to routing everything is a not-so-fun chore. sheesh:
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    Front Motor Mount Brackets

    Bummer! I may have a couple odd brackets in the attic left over from my several 3FEs. I've got to start pulling camping gear down for my upcoming bull hunt so I'll look to see if I have anything that might work for you.
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    Builds '73 HZJ40 RestoMod v3.0

    I resisted all impulses to just spray the firewall with bedliner and be done with it; weeks of blocking and paint prep are now behind me. I’ll be out of pocket for two weeks to hunt bull elk in NE Nevada but as soon as I get back the power train will be installed this thing can finally be put...
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    For Sale Calgary: Mine truck surplus warehouse clearout.

    Thanks, It looks like the majority of axle parts I need won't work on my earlier six-lug BJ70 axle. I am going to do some research on the master cylinder, booster, engine mounts, and steering stabilizer p/n's to see if I can make them work in my application.
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    For Sale Calgary: Mine truck surplus warehouse clearout.

    Oh, you bloody savages... give a guy a chance! Friggin' web filters are blocking the link so I have to wait til I get home.:bang:
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    40 series 5 speed.

    You do realize this whole endeavor firmly places you on the 'Mud LandCruiser Badass pedestal, right?
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    Builds 1HZ Rebuild Project

    Updating this thread with some photos: The injectors and fuel lines are now installed. I'm hoping to have the engine back in the truck soon. I'm also hooking up all of the HZJ75 warning lights to this dash panel.
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    40 series 5 speed.

    ...pretty much spot on.
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    40 series 5 speed.

    So, what I'm really hearing you say is that I just needed to poo-poo the topic after however many years of day dreaming and, bang, a topcover prototype magically appears. So, really you have me to thank for this. ;)
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    Builds Project 'Fresh Start' RestoMod

    Where'd those turn signal lights come from? They remind me of the ones on a buddy's G63.
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    Window Tint on an 79 FJ 40 Hard Top ?

    I did dark tint and have regrets. At some point I'll figure out how to get it off.
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    Steering Stabilizer

    What is the function of the damper? It's not only for use on trucks with manual boxes since -60s and -70s have them as well... right?
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