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    Stranger Things

    Funny...I just spotted it too. Figured I’d drop in here to see if anyone else had. 😂
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    Factory FJ40 Soft Tops, Bikini Tops, and Dusters.

    Love the top. Might be time to look at getting the full length bimini for the OEM bows. Looked back through the thread for examples, and didn't see many. Anybody have good examples to share? Thanks!
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    craigslist 78 Fj40 - DC - aluminum tub - some assembly required.

    Not mine:
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    I liked it better when it was a hardware store.
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    Welcome to the 40 world. 😂
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    Meetup in Annapolis on Thursday 4/25

    The low idle was all part of an elaborate ruse to capture @RAGINGMATT on camera. 😂
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    Meetup in Annapolis on Thursday 4/25

    Beers were consumed. 👍🏻
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    Anyone know this 62 in Eastport (Annapolis)?
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    Annapolis pig spotting.
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    For Sale Not mine, looking to see what folks think about this 87 FJ60

    I think it should come to the east cost immediately. 😂
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    Spotted (Okinawa edition)

    My friend spotted this one in Okinawa a couple days ago, and had to share with me of course. :)
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    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread

    @Von Hayek Looks like a Mega Load Warrior WITH extension. ;-)
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