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    SOLD San Diego: 2006 Land Cruiser - 46K Original Miles - SW Vehicle

    Congrats on such an amazing truck. One of the few I 'wish' I had held out for vs. my one owner 72k mile truck ;-) Worth every penny.
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    eBay 2007 LC 102k miles

    One heck of a deal congrats I hope it works out!
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    For Sale Oregon 2006 LC 79k miles

    This truck is worth near $30,000+ if you spend a bit of time doing some marketing & are patient. Definitely suggest posting on multiple sites to get as many eyeballs as possible. A few months ago I turned down an offer near $30,000 for my 2006 that has 100,000 miles. The only way people get...
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    For Sale Tell your buddies looking for a clean example low mileage 100!

    @TXLCdood - bummer your thread was co-opted by a bunch of trolls. 'mudders - bravo for starting this dumpster fire of a for sale listing I enjoyed reading it PS - I have a stock 2006 with 103,000 & turned down an offer for $29,000. I said no because I know that finding another one this nice...
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    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    When I asked BBS this is what they said - hope it helps others looking to powder coat these TRD Pro BBS Forged wheels. “We (BBS) only approve of powder coating if the bake/cure temperature is 250°F or less. Most powders cure at ±400°F but that can weaken the wheel. The shops the powder coat...
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    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    Nice! do you have spacers and did you have issues fitting with stock lugs and the grease cap? When researching the powder coating process I’m seeing it has risk because heating may damage the metal leading to early failures. How did you guys manage that risk?
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    Got Direct Fit Muffler Replacement Experience

    Good from a mechanical perspective. In hindsight I would have forked over the cash for OE. @scwill and I find that these drone at idle whenever the truck has some load on the motor - fans to combat heat / air conditioning specifically. I have to put it in N otherwise it drives me nuts.
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    Is anyone having issues with their LC leaking water during heavy rains?

    Similar situation. It was the third brake light filler seal that was bad. I found it by removing the tailgate interior trim & having a friend run water across the tailgate while I was watching from the cargo area. Silicon fixed it (a thin consistent bead should be all you need - I used too...
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    Dealer 2014 Silver LC in NM

    The '14 likely is selling to someone in Santa Fe. The pics showed it was in like-new condition. But pricing is too close to a 2016+ to justify for a mid-cycle refreshed version IMO.
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    Windshield Replacement TX

    That issue is one of a few reasons why I sold my last one! This current truck has the OEM glass...a crappy replacement makes a big difference to overall noise/sanity.
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    Windshield Replacement TX

    Austin Glass Solutions is owned by a former 100-series owner ... they sealed my windshield on the last 100 I had before I ended up just having them replace it due to wind noise (they didn't do great with re-install hence why later went to LCS)... if you're not swapping out the glass they're a...
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    Windshield Replacement TX

    Land Cruiser Specialists (Edwin's joint) has a guy who's their in-house 100-series expert. He helped me install new rubber trim / rivets & mentioned he'd be happy to help with glass in the future. See if he'll do it. That's where I'd go. Biggest thing is finding a shop that agrees to 1) not...
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    Am I ridiculous for preferring a Land Cruiser over a LX470?

    Fair point - That’s the last thing I would have done (likely a solid Db reducer). LX door seals, dynamat were my ideas. It still doesn’t change my choice:-)
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    Am I ridiculous for preferring a Land Cruiser over a LX470?

    I grew up with a father who sold Toyota. I drove Tacos and 4Runners. It was always going to be about a branded Land Cruiser. You can relatively cheaply add sound deadening and upgrade a stereo. Plus the wife always snickered at the LX listings ... something about women drive Lexus lol (not my...
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    Why are these trucks priced too high?

    Humans are not exclusively driven by logic. I chose to buy a 14 year old truck that gets 10.5 mpg for use in Austin, TX’s urban core. It needed work and I paid a dealer their asking price ... five o other buyers were behind me willing to do the same. If people like me are who you’re competing...
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