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    Inexperienced noob about to tear my FZJ80 apart - Any tips to re-emphasize before rebuilding axles, brakes, steering, and suspension?

    My 02 cents.... I almost always hit bolts that haven't moved in a while a day before I work on them with penetrating lube. This simple step can save you time. For the front end, setting the pre-load on the wheel bearing can be confusing the first time. Also removing the cone washers can give...
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    Sea Otter Classic 2020

    Yup October 1-4th, if you go go shoot me a pm and we can catch up over a brew...and look at shinny bike things.
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    Sea Otter Classic 2020

    Event Postponed due to coronavirus...
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    BlackBox-C Land Cruiser Planetary Underdrive

    @fjdiesel He just did a California to Montana trip in it, no problems with overheating in its current configuration (pump/cooler/reservoir)....but there were problems with things getting too cold :bang: ...The rolling experiments continue.
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    Sea Otter Classic 2020

    Anyone here going? I will be camping at the track with the cruiser.
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    TLCA Cancelled! - 32nd Annual Rubithon Wagon Run Official Thread, Date Change - August 19-23, 2020

    Registered! Probably wont be driving my rig. Good thing the family has a small fleet! Maybe a non wagon :hmm:
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    Inland Empire Cruisers official Check-In!

    1. Justin 2. Moving to Loma Linda in September. 3. 97 fzj80. locked, Lifted, 35s, rcv shafts, armor, dorkle, dual battery, solar, fridge... 4. Expedition is cool, but this 80 belongs in the rocks. 5. I will be attending LLUs masters program for prosthetics this fall. I mountain bike a lot...
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    Who Owns Tan Bed-lined 40 series??

    Gary, do you have the black bj60 off of college? If that is your truck, I lived around the corner from you, we have talked before. and If that is your truck, yeah take it down to the metal and slap better liner on it. I thought you were going to cover up original 60 paint with liner. 60s look...
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    Who Owns Tan Bed-lined 40 series??

    Here is my 80 covered in white bedliner. I chose monstaliner becasue I saw other people have good success with it. It was cheap compared to a new paint job. All said and done was around $350. At the time I was going to UNR and had little money so it was a great option for me as I knew the 80 was...
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    2018 Rubithon Wagon Run

    What an awesome Wagon Run! The entire Pryor family is extremely proud of everyone on the run. The group this year was extremely helpful to each other and embraced a team mentality as soon as we hit the trail. Even though some of us have more capable rigs, we all got out and helped when needed...
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    2018 Rubithon Wagon Run

    This is my aux, but it should refresh the memory.
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    2018 Rubithon Wagon Run

    Now there is only one rig that isn't supporting its own weight yet......but it has sliders, lol.
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    Share the stoke

    I haven't been on the bike much at all this spring. Hopefully summer will be different. But this happened......Sedona stoke! This put a new meaning in huck to flat! Bottomed out the bike fore and aft, hard! And the Fiance got ten times better during our riding there, she can keep up on...
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    Electric MB advise/?

    I obviously don't know your condition, but based on what you said, I can't imagine you riding a bike for 50 miles, electric assist or not. If you can't pick up a mini bike, how would you recover from falling off the mtb after 20 miles of riding. I understand it will be "easy overland road" but...
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