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    Milestar Patagonia (video & links)

    I have actually heard good things about these tires from a guy here in the PNW, he says they work well in the local mud. Have not experience with these tires personally, though the price is certainly attractive (among other things!) ;)
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    Vendor NOS OEM 40/60 series clutch slave cylinder

    Hi, Can you tell us the bore diameter of this master cylinder? Thanks, Alan
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    Wanted Oak Harbor WA

    Call TorFab in Everett - they may have one in stock. Good luck!
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    Replacement Winch

    Shromani is the factory Toyota winch electric or PTO? 24 volt? Warn is a solid brand, with a low cost ("VR") line and a higher end line ("M" series). Superwinch is a great electric winch brand, with both low end and higher level models. Comeup is a newer brand with some early positive...
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    Photo of UZJ100 without front bumper?

    Thank you ikarus and Beanzermin for the photos! :beer:
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    For Sale New never used 100’ warn winch cable.

    If you hold on to it long enough you should be able to sell it. But it won't be for much money - I think I paid $20 a few years ago for a new steel cable off a Warn M8000. I have also scored an unused new cable for free from a friend cleaning out his garage. Good luck!
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    Photo of UZJ100 without front bumper?

    Hi all, Can anyone share (or provide a link to) a close-up photo of a UZJ100 with the factory front bumper removed? Thank you. Alan
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    Wanted Diesel LHD Land Cruiser

    Contract TorFab in Everett, WA. I believe they have a BJ73 LHD available. Good luck!
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    For Sale 94 FZJ80 in WA

    Interested! Do you ever make it down toward Everett? Thanks.
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    16" factory wheels

    How wide are these 16 inch wheels? Thanks!
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    Solar control wiring question

    I think the solar controller needs to be wired directly to the battery. I don't think what you are proposing is safe wiring. But wait for someone more experienced with auto electrics to pass judgement. :D Good luck!
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    AT KO2 vs. MT KM2 vs. MT KM3. Opinions?

    Sounds like a decent AT tread tire is the way to go with your FJ40. BFG, Cooper, there are many decent AT tires out there. Yes, running aftermarket 15x8 inch wheels with the TSLs. >This is for my FJ40. Mostly on road, but some light offroading here and there. >BTW, aren't 33x12.5r15 way...
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    AT KO2 vs. MT KM2 vs. MT KM3. Opinions?

    What vehicle? What size? What use? For my daily driver and long distance "overlanding" Toyota Tacoma 4wd pu I use 265/75R15 Cooper Discovery AT3 tires (31.5 inch tall aggressive radial AT tread tires.) On my FJ40 trail rig I run 33x12.5R15 Interco SuperSwamper TSL tires (very aggressive...
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