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  1. Black ABS cupholder 2

    Black ABS cupholder 2

  2. Black ABS cupholder

    Black ABS cupholder

  3. Available colors

    Available colors

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    Comment by 'Johnnay' in album 'FJ80 Cupholder'

    I can make you one, $50 shipped if you're interested.
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    Those look good, Bhicks! I didn't know you had ones for the centre position. I'm not looking to compete with you, but if for some reason anyone prefers mine, they can PM me and I'll make it (I'm talking low volume, I have one machine!).
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    I had someone ask me where they could get one of these - I suppose I could do a limited run if there's interest? What would be a reasonable price to charge without gouging but not wasting my time either? Anyone care to say what they'd pay for the above cupholder in black ABS?
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    FJ80 Cupholder4 by Johnnay posted May 15, 2017 at 3:05 PM
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    Serendipitous that you should ask... I have just finished designing this - it holds a cup (obviously!) and has a little pocket for a phone or parking stubs, or whatever. Not sure if it will hold a big gulp, because, well, ewww... but it does anchor a big green gatorade sports bottle pretty well...
  9. FJ80 Cupholder4

    FJ80 Cupholder4

  10. FJ80 Cupholder2

    FJ80 Cupholder2

  11. FJ80 Cupholder3

    FJ80 Cupholder3

  12. FJ80 Cupholder1

    FJ80 Cupholder1

  13. FJ80 Cupholder

    FJ80 Cupholder

    Cupholders for FJ80s
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    Johnnay's 97 LC- minor restobuild thread

    Thanks - new carpet is half in, and seat covers from land cruiser heaven are on their way, as are wheels/tires.. I'll post more info on my plans and progress later this weekend.. Truck had 253,000 miles on it the day I picked it up.. the one thing the PO did was change the oil - new filter was...
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