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    1993 cruiser is a slug.

    I'm thinking Weight Watchers save money on food, gas, and a faster "less slow" Cruiser will result. The less of my fat a** that the engine has to move the better. Drafting tractor trailers helps, just make sure that you and your Higher Power are on the same page.
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    New To Land Cruisers & Need Advice Before I Accept A Free 96 80 Series

    Bring it to the police explain the problem ask them to please run a drug dog thru it. I would not be confident checking it myself, drug squirrels can be pretty clever. The police should be happy to check, there is no crime in asking them to check a vehicle because you are suspicious.
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    1993 cruiser is a slug.

    My 92 does 0-60 in, well I use an egg timer. It runs well gets around 15 mpg on the highway tailwind helps. It is very heavy and rugged. I would take my cruiser places that would scare the snot out of a jeep. While drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the stereo. It is a slug, but it...
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    how many miles do you have on your 80

    287,000 rear main bearing seal has leaked for the past 100,000 miles or so changed solenoid contacts in starter $5.00, just replaced power steering gear box (power steering fluid in power steering right) clean cap read atf only, my bad. Original engine still strong. Small thing but very little...
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