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    Dead spindle?

    I noticed that the axle nuts were barely finger tight on both sides, so I'm thinking they were just spun on and left that way. I don't get a lot of garage time and this is a complete tear down
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    Dead spindle?

    New to me rig, also first time rebuilding a solid axle. Exactly right, I didn't notice it until the spindle was off and turned over. What would be the reason to "stake" it? I tossed the old bearing because I have a complete rebuild kit. From what I noticed it was actually in fairly good...
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    Dead spindle?

    I'm currently working on the front axle out of my 83 pickup. One of the knuckle balls has some discoloration and just some very light marring. Its been suggested to use JB weld to smooth those out. However the spindle from that same side has some knicks in it. Do you guys think I can just smooth...
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    1986 sr5 4x4 toyota pickup

    I'm also in Forest Grove, more of a lurker on this site. Craigslist seems to be the best place to get used parts, there always seems to be at least one person parting out a vehicle. Welcome to Mud
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    From Land Cruiser to Pickup

    I had a '92 2wd with the 22r, should have never sold it
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