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    I wont think it over but I did and still searching for HJ60 with that rubber ring fitted.:meh: The O ring rubber is tight fit over the edge but then installation was impossible, also impossible to press it to a fit without damage. And I will not just throw a gasket in loose, don't want it to...
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    For my HJ60 I got the same luxury problem, definitely not easy for me to decide to not use a new part o_O HJ60 thermostat 16341-68010 gasket thermostat upper 0.8mm O-ring has no place: One gasket in FSM: Above is for HJ Diesel.
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    Aussie locker removal without removing axle?

    When it snows I never drive, I ask my mother to pick me up with her toyota yaris. rear diff, is light to lift and remove: front diff, no access cover, heavy piece of teeth smashing buya: pretty important to get the right paper or cork seal: And important to me is always ask the...
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    Annoying start with a 60 series..

    Some options, first thing could be very tiny air leak in fuel line. no starting = engine turns, with some blue/white smoke from exhaust but no actual start (nothing at all or almost?) -Does it start if you prime it with the hand pump? -did you clean the little mesh filter located in the in-going...
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    Builds $500 landcruiser

    What user error creates such a front hub "upgrade" ?
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    Rusted frame----- fixable ?

    Before you start know the local rules: -weld in like a puzzle piece (a lot of work but very nice when finished) or weld on (fast) Both ways are extremely durable and will last for years. -thickness (original 3 to 4 mm) -is a support strut allowed to weld or replace as a whole piece? It is...
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    Start up hj60 sitting for years.

    Really nice but don't trial and error to much as you might burn something like fusible link and create a lot of other problems. As it is Canadian it might have 12v headlights, need to know if it is super glow or other system, pictures of the edic controller and other boxes type numbers might...
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    Battery charger / starter

    A dead battery will probably never return back to normal, below 80% charge is "damage" I had a battery one time that reversed polarity in a 24v setup, was drained dead, shocked it back to normal with a full battery but it never recovered and I have no idea how that was possible. To jump start a...
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    Cleaning items bought on this site

    If stuff was in a box for a few days germ should be non existent, takes a few hours to a day depending on density, but better look that up. My sister will be starting in a few hours giving palliative care to corona victims, is a package worth dead row?
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    What is the purpose of the plastic housing below the dash near the shifter?

    On the right side the blower motor, no problem to clean out the 30 year dust and sand. The blower sucks in air trought this one hole near the wiper motor: And there are two hatches in the engine bay that might also need some cleaning:
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    My first landcruiser; bj60 or hj60 ?

    I think gutless=slow in this context. The HJ will last a long time and if you first do the basic maintenance the years will pass fast, then the welding and possible engine rebuild are enough work. Below is the maintenance manual , might give a good impression about the possible work to do:
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    U-joint replacement

    When installing the new grease should last a long while, as it takes the least resistance it will exit the nearest, the inner hole is so large the grease should have no problem reaching at least a few pins, maybe grease after some driving when the old grease heats up a bit. If the flange is a...
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    Fj60/62's top the list of Haggerty's hottest cars this spring

    $11,100 #4 vehicles are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped. Paintwork is imperfect, and perhaps the body has a minor dent. Split...
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    LSD Vs. Locker?

    I did rear lokka first, then front (yes steering on gravel downhill is very hard if low rpm does not puts enough pressure for the power steering) With big tires far less clicks in turns, yes needs a bit of experience to drive, but I don't care anymore, let it bang as it does not damage anything...
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    Thoughts on this 60?

    Before removing the engine fill oil (can be old oil from other car) and see if it builds pressure and might start without problem. If you want true 4x4 I don't think an automatic works the same up and downhill, might be easier to learn shifting? Chassis looks fine, the body might have more...
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