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    Plug ID help

    water sedimenter (same location, but other plug) Mine is a 1985 and has another square connector but the round one seems original? I have searched but found none with a round plug. Maybe fuel heater (I don't have that and seems an oval plug in the engine bay)...
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    Builds Bought this 1-owner 1987 FJ60, but some Rust

    It will leak from the rear seatbelt bolt (seen in the wheel arch picture) But you can enjoy all the fun for minimum investment. the 26 pages maintenance sums it up pretty good, If you spend some money on safety and keep it running stuff&parts many years of fun are possible, if you have a...
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    Where do I find a front differential gasket

    No cork gasket needed, only paper in front diff (no cover like rear diff) : 42181-60060 Paper gasket for diff/housing, thin so it does not mess up the alignment pattern. (bolts torque 47 or more N•m) 42183-35010 Cork Gasket for cover/housing (bolts torque 13 N•m) Also adjust Carrier Bearing...
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    H55F into FJ62 - parking brake question

    There are 5 points where the emergency/hand/parking brake cable is attached to the body, never to the transmission. TSK part # 46410-60101-C But in this topic, there is an extra mounted disk, I thought is was April fools but it is real...
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    HJ60 heater piping

    1985 hj60:, yes it is correct.
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    Old fuel question

    No problem, diesel does not loose combustion capacity like gasoline.
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    Life in reverse

    Parking brake is not for two weeks because it can get stuck at the drums and then there can be some work to release it again. (I have a new parking brake cable because the cable will not release, (it is not only maintenance and grease, water in the drum is also possible) Parking brake stuck...
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    Imported BJ-42, Worth the price tag????

    I don't know if the pictures are from blue or camo, but it all seems ok when welded or cleaned and painted (the typical mud resto is a bit insane to me as it takes years, but the pictures of all the painted parts are worth the time) Maybe you can baseline it and get it road worthy, then start...
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    Cold mornings warm up times

    What I did when installing 30 mm block heater: Radiator, cooling, heater DEFA 411122 30mm 600W Better is: Use a 35 mm block heater and mount that behind the EDIC, this is a better place as warm water goes up. I have used a 30mm heater just below the injector, that works good, but the 35 mm...
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    bio diesel on 12ht

    For me (in Netherlands/Europe) it was to much work/space (gravity filters) and when starting use about 10% = beware of old residue getting loose and clogging filters. Also government was not supportive (love $hell democracy) and tax evading is a big crime, also a crime was storing 1000 liter...
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    Cold mornings warm up times

    I have a heater plug in, just below the glow plugs but there are better locations, and many alternatives like oil heater, stick on oil pan heater, rad heater (seems silly, heat the engine, not the rad and stay before the thermostat) Idling for minutes is bad for a cold engine beacuse it never...
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    Newish 5 speed leaking bad - edit: TCase leaking

    If it is the output shaft seal should be an easy fix? dont know if new is 20 years old, or rebuild with new parts, maybe an additive to make rubber seals soft again works? Checking if it is leaking internally might also be needed, as it has two fill plugs, one might be full and other empty (oil...
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    Builds My $800 White FJ62

    Totally normal to ask the family to leave right now!
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    Who has a inclometer?

    I have one with the altitude (barometer) and it is very precise. The incline is just not what I look at when about to roll, and going uphill I know it is happening because I have to drive in 2nd gear or less. I drove 23% up and downhill a few wheeks ago and the incline tells me nothing useful...
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    First start 12cyl 38.8 liter diesel, Type 69-II tank (T54)

    I think you might laugh at this, I watch this with my kids and if you look at the heap of utterly stupid crap that is trending (really sad) :( The last months they have been working on the tank and engine and finally it,... does something. If you want to see old videos and there is no subs just...
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