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    Interior Noise & KO2

    It's an apple watch lol. That's no way accurate and I'm not believing those numbers. Under 60 is measured Rolls Royce Phantom levels. Audi A8 and S-Class on highway tires going down the highway tires is 61-64 db. KO2s and a LC200 is no way low 60s. Can bet it's at least +10-15%.
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    100 series rare colors...

    I had a maroon Ram Power wagon Laramie for a short while. Favourite color on a Ram, and also the Land Cruiser. My 6S5 mystic sea opal LX is my second favourite color on a 100 series.
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    Crawl Control ripped off by Ford

    The traction control in Land Rovers early TC system is from Bosch. Bosch is inventor of TC systems..
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    500 miles to a tank?? Yes!

    no, stock fuel tank is 96L/25.4 gallons. PO definetly put aftermarket tank in
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    How to value it to sell it?

    $5k-7500. I'd be extremely happy walking away with $7500 if that were me. Expect a ton of people offering you $3-4k. I don't get why you'd put that work into it and then not keep it. You're going to be loosing money because work that you put into it, you'll never get back. I know for a fact...
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    Purchase Advice

    The thing with Canada and 100 series is that nobody bought these new in Canada. They sold about 100 of them per year from 1998 to 2007, and they were $100k Canadian back then due to an extremely weak Canadian peso. Of course when they went up for sale used, Canada being Canada where used cars...
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    Purchase Advice

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You must really be new here and completely new to used vehicles. Yeah that seller isn't taking any less than $12k Canadian, which is about $9k USD for that 2000 LX470. Its also got hideous non-OEM wheels that look to be tacky chrome 20s. Yeah I can tell exactly which LX it...
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    Maint/PM before year-long trip?

    Not much. Would prepare the same way as a year long trip in the USA. Also #1 thing is that I'd definetly watch out for 100 series theft in Europe. These things are very wanted in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Russia. Whereever it is in Europe, its well developed and parts/breakdown shouldn't be a...
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    LC200 + Blizzak DM-V2 + Blizzard = :)

    Right! Yup, been yelled at before at stop lights or at a parking lot for driving way too fast by drivers in all seasons when its a blizzard out. Well, "sorry that I'm driving at a reasonable and controlled rate of speed in the right tire that is much fast than you".
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    Building from the Base...what would you do with 6K budget?

    I always thought of Nitto to be just a remarketed spin off of Toyo. Most of the truck crowd would think Toyo is Japanese and won't buy import stuff, along with a heavy dose of buy domestic sentiment. The Ridge Grappler is just a rebranded Toyo RT. I've run Toyo MTs before, about 10 years ago...
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    Building from the Base...what would you do with 6K budget?

    2nd'ed that KO2s suck ass. Can't recommend them for west coast desert stuff. They are too soft, and they chunk off considerably. Also they cost a ton too. All you're paying for extra is that BFG BAJA CHAMPION logo to be plastered everywhere and all over motorsport.
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    Building from the Base...what would you do with 6K budget?

    With $6k, I'd spend that all on a refresh and baseline on the rig. Just to make sure it drives close to new and it's as dependable as I can get it. That emptied about $6k for me. I was once exactly in your shoes thinking I had $ for mods with my 2002 that had 170k miles at the time. Well, get...
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    Buying my first 100 series, how many miles is too many to start?

    How many miles is too much? The one that you see has a bunch of repair items needed and is leaking. It could be one with 120k miles, it could be one with 250k miles. Honestly, I've seen some 250k mile ones that are in better condition and that I'd buy over a 120k mile one. There are really...
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    Riddle me this: Who puts a 17 year old vehicle in the shop for $3500 "worth" of repairs?

    Dude ...if that was $3500 for that work. Then by the same token, I put $25,000 of work into a $5000 LX with all the work and hours I've put into mine. Damn that's a lot of money. I wouldn't put that much $ into my LX to be honest.
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    100 Series Slip Indicator Light

    Wheel bearing lock nut is too loose. Steering rack bushing gone bad
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