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    Brake Calliper Diagnosis

    So there was some standard friction on the hub after torquing everything appropriately, well within the FSM range. But when I put the brake pad back on the wheel becomes quite difficult (not impossible) to move. There's certainly some friction occurring between the brake pad and the wheel...
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    Brake Calliper Diagnosis

    Hi all, After getting some helpful advice on doing a knuckle rebuild from this forum, I decided to tackle the job this weekend. It's all done, back together and torqued appropriately as guided by the FSM. My issue is that the brakes seem too tight. With the brake-pads off the wheel hub...
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    Front axle diagnosis

    Hi all. I’ve been having some issues with my front left steering knuckle. Nothing has affected the driving, but I’m noticing a buildup/overflow of grease around this section of my car. It’s not being driven as I don’t want to create any more potential or unnecessary damage. Looking around it...
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