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    Timing Belt & other work this weekend

    Problem is that any seller can throw pics up to make seem legit on Amazon or Ebay, though it does state that the seller is AISIN. Other options would be to get through RockAuto or one of the multitude of TOYOTA parts sites. RockAuto is roughly same price with shipping, though not PRIME shipping.
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    How-To: TechStream In 5 Minutes

    Nice find!
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    Builds 60 guy does a 100 series LC...

    Woohoo!!! I have been watching a "cheap" set of OEM FSM books on ebay since just before Christmas, seen the price go up and down but nothing that I was ready to spend as both volumes (1&2) seem to be going for $100+. This guy put up today that he was accepting offers after seeing at New Years it...
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    HAM Cram Aug 17 8-4

    Yeah you aren't the first one to tell me that. I just need to find a date that I know I will be around for and schedule it.
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    Lexus (Toyota) Parts

    Other one is Usually will find correct part number using and then cross-reference on ToyotaPartsDeal and other Google searches to see who comes up with the best prices.
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    Timing Belt & other work this weekend

    Isn't Aisin usually OE or is this one another brand like Denso or something?
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    HAM Cram Aug 17 8-4

    Yeah this is going to have to be one of the items on my "to-do" list for this year. Been wanting to do it for a couple years just never been available when they are here.
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    No Oil!!!

    This... get full documentation of everything, have it added to the Toyota Website for service records, etc. Hopefully they will move forward without argument but I would not "settle" for anything less than the 1yr warranty on any engine related issues from this date (call it 3/1) with full...
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    No Oil!!!

    Yeah I think I am going to have to grab one of those regardless to work on the truck. Used the household step stool to do the heater ts and while it helped, getting WAAAYYY back there was an interesting maneuver and good thing I am semi-fit and flexible. Still debating on whether I want to spend...
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    No Oil!!!

    Agree with everyone else. I know that you had it towed to the dealership yesterday but if you can, make it happen so you are there to watch the tech's do ANYTHING to the truck at the moment. I am talking be in their face/way while they are working, they $%#&ed this up the first time, now time to...
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    Another CV Axle Discussion Thread

    Yeah, used their "e-Catalog" on the side menu to search then took their part number (90685XD) and searched the interwebz. Came up with a few hits, Pep Boys being one. I think there is still one semi-local to me (30 mins away) so I may try them instead of the Cardone's for comparison sake.
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    Borla 14814 cat back exhaust significantly discounted on Amazon

    Looks like it is an addition to the DT Headers.... stock system does not have two inlets.
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    Check Engine Light + VSC TRAC + VSC OFF 2006 LX470

    Yup... After seeing what I have seen so far with the work they did for the PO of Alita and what I am looking at having to spend to "correct" their issues, yeah I wouldn't sweat it. Find a good, local, smallish shop to do the work or take a pilgrimage to see one of the guys in Cali or Utah to get...
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    Suspension clunk/knock help

    Could also be ball joints or TREs being shot. What about bushings for the swaybars?
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    Borla 14814 cat back exhaust significantly discounted on Amazon

    Yeah I am interested too... Miss the sound of my 60 with the custom cat-back exhaust I did for it. However, really don't want to go through that again if at all possible. Been wondering (and thinking of starting a thread) on what others do for their "custom" exhausts.
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