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    Tales,Trails and Trials of a (wet) Dream Machine

    So I attacked the Auxiliary battery issue today. For the pig party i had a brand new Interstate group 31 deep cycle auxiliary battery. It made it through each night but was down by 75%. By the end of 3 weeks it doesn’t hold a charge. I haven’t had it tested yet. Maybe my fridge is having...
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    Random WTF Pig For Sale Thread

    How does one purchase from ”our guy in Oman”. We have seen a number of product showings. There were definitely some items that I would have purchased. I get the feeling there isn’t a portal for us to access these products.
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    Pig Picture Album

    But yes there is a 55 in the photo
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    For Sale Pig for Sale in Houston ( Not Mine)

    The most versatile bumper I have ever seen. Just imagine the things that that bumper can do. Only thing missing is the guy standing on the bumper
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    Wanted Fuel door pull

    Can’t have too many pig parts🤓
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    Wanted Fuel door pull

    I’ll take , thanks
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    💥Pig Party 2022💥

    Just say when🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
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    Tales,Trails and Trials of a (wet) Dream Machine

    Taking dogs for there evening ride in their car 🚗
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    Wanted  Fuel door pull

    In need of a fuel door pull for 1971. Don’t know what years they were used. thanks for looking
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    Wanted Tailgate window operator key switch

    I had no idea it was serviceable!!!
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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    And more
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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    A few more pictures to relive the memories
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    75 Pork Barrel

    These are Chevy engines, just made by Toyota. 256 cu in straight 6. :eek:
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    75 Pork Barrel

    Stock dist. After electronic ignition
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