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    Wanted  SWPA: FZJ80 16" wheels.

    Looking for a set of FZJ80/LX450 wheels within reasonable driving range (3-4 hours ish) from Pittsburgh PA. They are going on a daily driven 80 so they need to be in good shape, but do not need to be pretty. Would prefer they came with lug nuts but not a deal breaker as long as you know which...
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    Locked Out......

    I will be hiding a key for sure. I just would like to get everything working again. I'm thankful to be able to work at these projects instead of fighting rust on my last one. Is it bad that I'm actually excited to have stuff like this to fix instead of worrying about body work? :rofl:
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    Locked Out......

    So I have a new to me 93 FZJ80, and I'm stoked about it. Yesterday I went out to start the thing and let it warm up. Out of pure habit I hit the master door lock button and thought nothing of it. Came out 20 minutes later and realized my rig was now running and I had no way in! AAA solved my...
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    For Sale Pittsburgh, PA- 1993 FZJ80, 274k, NO LOCKERS

    Bump. Cheapest 80 that can be driven home on here, perfect start for someone's build or double your money parting it. Negotiable on price! Help me get into a new 80!
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    For Sale Pittsburgh, PA- 1993 FZJ80, 274k, NO LOCKERS

    Bump, running driving 80 that can be driven home anywhere in the states. Someone come get it before the snow flies here!
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    For Sale  Pittsburgh, PA- 1993 FZJ80, 274k, NO LOCKERS

    The time has come to sell this 80 in an attempt to get into a less rusty 80. Not something I'm happy about but it needs to be done. With that being said, I have $5000 cash to add on top of the value of my truck if you're interested in a partial trade. With that, on to the good stuff... The Good...
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    April meeting

    I will be there for the first time along with a friend. Both bringing FZJ80's. Looking forward to it!
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    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80 Dark Green 223K miles, auto

    PM'd about a few things.
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    92 FJ80 Ticking Lifter

    My '93 ticks on a cold start for a few seconds, IIRC it's not abnormal for that to happen. Neither the 3FE or the 1FZ are quiet, both let the surrounding area know when they crank to life.
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    Center diff lock

    If the ABS light comes on and stays on it's quite possible the relay isn't in the truck, mine wasn't when I bought it and I prefer the lack of ABS. That relay will be in the box under the hood.
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    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    Yep, all green and full to the top. What would that be a sign of though?
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    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    Dragos, she does this in the month following an oil change, after that nothing or not enough to notice even. If she leaked a little every month I wouldn't even think about it. Whileempty, I think I'm going to replace the seals up front and see what happens, and continue to keep an extra gallon...
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    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    217,500 and some change. And there has to be a leak somewhere in the front of the block, oil pump seal is easily possible. But my thinking tells me that if a gallon of oil is disappearing, there would be evidence on the ground at my house or jobs. And there isn't, I park in the same spaces every...
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    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    8 quarts of 15w-40 every 3000 miles.
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    1FZ burns a gallon of T5 within 1000mi, help!

    I should also note that I do not get blue smoke from the tail pipe, but I haven't checked the plugs to see if it's definitely burning it and not somehow leaking it with no puddle on the ground.
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