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    Wanted FJ62 rear sway bar complete setup

    I'm pretty sure I have one. PM me if I don't get back to you this weekend. I forget often.
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    Wanted FJ60 AC compressor ports

    Can you PM me a photo? I have a couple in the shed but I can't remember which ones are 60 and which are 62s
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    Wanted Florida Panhandle 1993 land cruiser grey dash good condition

    I wouldn't ship one. They are very fragile. If you do choose to ship one keep the lower plastic section attached to the dash pad for shipment. I almost guarantee if you don't the dash will crack durind shipment. I'm on pad number 3 in my 94.
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    Wanted 3rd row seat brackets- 80 series

    I have a set. $60 shipped.
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    For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser SLC UT (Dealer)

    I tried buying it. I was the first caller but I'm 4.5 hours away. I told him I'd send him 1k to hold it. He told me to start driving but he wouldn't hold it. I knew it wouldn't make it until lunch and it didn't so I didn't even bother trying. I had a friend who lives in PC scheduled to go...
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    For Sale 2009 Land Cruiser 6k Miles

    Exactly, or pay closer to his asking price and get a 2016 or newer.
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    For Sale 2009 Land Cruiser 6k Miles

    I saw it there but in my recent search it didn't show up. I think everyone is on the same page, maybe a 35k truck. And really for 35k I might be better off getting a newer one with more features for the same money.
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    For Sale "The Princess", the Cummins 4BT Powered FJ62, is for sale OR Trade

    Good luck with your sale. I hope either you get it sold or get it fixed.
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    Bacon Across America—road trip Summer ‘19

    That is cool that you made it without any issues. Jim is a great guy.
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    For Sale 2009 Land Cruiser 6k Miles

    Did this ever sell? I'm pretty close to it and we are getting ready to buy a 200.
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    eBay FJ60 on Ebay in ID - Buyer Beware

    OK, I saw that you said 25,000 and I thought you were saying they were offering it at this price. I'm reasonably certain I'm one of the previous owners of this particular Land Cruiser. I think I sold it for around 3000 probably 10-12 years ago.
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    eBay FJ60 on Ebay in ID - Buyer Beware

    where did the 25,000 price tag come from? I see it at 2400 right now.
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