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    Wanted 3FE AC Compressor for FJ-62 - Wanted

    Yes there are two different mounts for 62s and one different mount for FJ80s. I don't recall which mounts were different though. It was a nightmare. I eventually had to put a whole FJ62 set of brackets onto the 80 engine to get all the accessories to work. IIRC the PS pump was the big issue.
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    Wanted 1991 3FE coil/ignitor

    90919-02185 is this the part number you need? I have one.
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    Wanted AZ - RS3000 security system ecu

    I have one if you haven't found one yet PM me.
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    Wanted Needed FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    The problem is they are limited in supply and there is a big market for them outside of the U.S. I've never sold one to someone in the U.S. The Philippines buy them up to convert trucks to LHD from RHD. I sold them firewalls as well. It is crazy to think what they are spending on the...
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    Wanted Needed FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    I think has one. I traded them some parts and that was one of the parts they wanted.
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    Wanted Aluminum radiator for a 1989 FJ62

    I would go with a factory style full brass one.
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    We should have a get together and do a run sometime soon. It has been awhile.
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    Wanted Las Vegas: FZJ80 Rear Crossmember

    I have a couple if you can't find something more local.
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    Wanted tailgate handle

    55’s have a lift handle. I did find one. Of course it cost me more than I paid for many whole land cruisers.
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    Wanted exhaust for LX450--80 series

    BTW I ended up sending it to New York. Shipping was $186. That is going to be a problem for you as to get out of the rust prone areas you are going to have to put some distance on it.
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    Wanted Fj62 Rear Hatch

    I a rust free red one off a 62 in Mountain Home pm me if you are interested
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    Wanted FJ60/FJ62 Drivers Upper Seat Cushion

    I have one if you haven't already found one. Pm me if you are interested.
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    Wanted 60 series hand throttle

    Did you ever find one? My son has one for sale. PM me if you want his contact info.
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    Wanted FJ55 Rear Sway Bar

    I have a 55 sway bar if you haven't already found one. PM me if you still need one.
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