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    Wanted tailgate handle

    55’s have a lift handle. I did find one. Of course it cost me more than I paid for many whole land cruisers.
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    Wanted exhaust for LX450--80 series

    BTW I ended up sending it to New York. Shipping was $186. That is going to be a problem for you as to get out of the rust prone areas you are going to have to put some distance on it.
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    Wanted Fj62 Rear Hatch

    I a rust free red one off a 62 in Mountain Home pm me if you are interested
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    Wanted FJ60/FJ62 Drivers Upper Seat Cushion

    I have one if you haven't already found one. Pm me if you are interested.
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    Wanted 60 series hand throttle

    Did you ever find one? My son has one for sale. PM me if you want his contact info.
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    Wanted FJ55 Rear Sway Bar

    I have a 55 sway bar if you haven't already found one. PM me if you still need one.
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    Wanted 91 land cruiser alternator and power steering bracket and bolts

    I have them if you haven't already found them. PM me if you still need them.
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    Wanted FZJ80 Grill and Filler Panel

    I have a couple 91-94 grills. $75 plus actual shipping. I don't have any 91-94 lower valances. I actually have a green one but it is 95-97 style. PM if interested.
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    For Sale 80 power seat switches

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have any left. I’ll check the shed tomorrow.
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    Builds Red Dawn (60 converted 62 Build Thread)

    :) Are you going to put an LS in it?
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    Wanted 96 fj80 water pipe 87208-60161

    I have one but you should check with Melowe (check user name spelling). He's in FL so shipping would be cheaper.
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    Wanted Help with Delivery of Sold Item

    I've used Greyhound for shipping hoods with good success. I was a fan of Fastenal until recently. The dropped a pallet that was fully boxed with plywood with an engine in it. They presented the box to the buyer with only 2 sides and no top. It was made from 2x4s and plywood and they said it...
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    Builds Red Dawn (60 converted 62 Build Thread)

    You've done an amazing job with that truck. You gave an aging truck new life.
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    Wanted WTB: Fzj80 Elocker ECU

    Where did you find the switch for $28? I could use a spare.
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    Wanted 91-92 FJ80 Driver's side engine mount bracket

    I have one. PM me if I don't PM you this evening. I can't remember anything lately.
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