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    Best Price on a Steering Rack?

    Did you pay a core charge on the website?
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    Best Price on a Steering Rack?

    For what it's worth - I used a Detroit Axle OEM Reman Steering Rack, and the intake and outlet rubber hoses to the reservoir. I also flush the fluid every 45k miles, just like transmission fluid (since it also uses ATF). Over time, those hoses goop up the ports on the hydraulic piston of the...
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    2200 Mile Trip in the Hundy

    And you as well! Yes, 320 miles until EMPTY (below "E" at least) on the highway and MAYBE 300 city. With my wife driving, maybe 270 or so. I thought about testing the Ethanol-free fuel a try with some Lucas and see if the MPG was better or worse.
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    Battery light on series 100

    Or, just replace it with a Denso Alternator? I purchased One new, but could be refurbished- but at least it's refurbished by Denso in any case. That battery light is almost certainly related to the alternator going bad.
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    2200 Mile Trip in the Hundy

    Love this truck, just got back from driving all over the southern US with my family and a ton (literally) of presents and loved ones. Not one issue, strange noise, engine code or clunk and my wife drives damn near 100 MPH on the highway. On the 1k mile trip home, I ran two cycles of Lucas UCL...
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    Rough starting and loves to stall

    When they, "Cleared the Codes"..Did they FIX something, or just cleared them? Based on the Bank1 and Bank2 codes you referenced above- I would say that you have either bad O2 sensors (not just a bad heater circuit, most likely the "downstream" sensor(s)) and/or some issues with your catalytic...
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    100 Series Leather Seat Replacement

    They look great, though I did mine myselfand they look pretty darn good... Still working on the console and steering wheel .
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    Front sway bar help

    Not a problem at all man, everybody's cool in this forum.. I have received so much help on this forum I'm just feeling happy to help for once. Good luck!
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    Cruiser cranks, won't start!

    I didn't read the previous posts, but check your cam position sensor as well. Those fail sometimes and do exactly as you're observing. Any codes?
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    DIY: Replacing heater hose pipe T's *important*

    That same "mushy" plastic issue happened on my 09 LS460 radiator reservoir nose nipple, broke off while leaning on it changing the drive belt, easy job turned into an expensive job.....10 years, i GUESS that's OK. :)
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    Front sway bar help

    That sway bar bushing is rubber and must be changed occasionally. When you need to change it (the bracket has to come off to do that) are you going to cut it off and re-weld it?
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    Starting issue on a 2000 UZJ100

    If the starter contacts aren't the issue, check and make sure the TERMINAL itself isn't eaten away at the bolt. Mine was PAPER thin and would not start sometimes until I opened and closed the hood, the impact jarring the battery would "knock" it into place. That was a sure sign it was the...
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    Help! Oil/Lube leaking from passenger air vent

    You almost definitely have a leak in the Condenser, if you hold a blacklight on the water that drips out of there you will probably see dye in it. Also, a big enough leak in the fins (not o-ring gasket) will leak greasy a fine mist of PAG/R134A in the vents. Take out the filer and inspect the...
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    Quick No-Crank, No-Start Question

    This same exact thing happened to me, just the opening and closing of the hood was enough to jar the terminal, though it was tight- the terminal itself was corroded away into paper-thin metal- at the post connection. When I replaced the terminal, the corrosion had spread all the way into the...
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    Newcomer 1st time cruiser owner

    Do yourself a favor and do all the "baselining" as a matter of priority...As others have said, T's, Timing belt/water pump, idler pulley, replace all the coils and plugs with Densos, etc etc- start in the FAQ section and look at the baselining guide.
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