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    Mobil 1 Oil Change Rebate

    Why avoid? I've had great results using the M1 HM/Extended Performance product and larger m2 filter. In the South, anyway.
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    Gear shift shock when change from Reverse to Drive

    Yessir. Instead of replacing just the bushings..just did a new plate with the oem bushings included.
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    Gear shift shock when change from Reverse to Drive

    My experience is that the front diff mount brackets are shot and need replacement. I went with the whole new plate with the bushings and zero noise since. I had the exact same issue as you describe.
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    Mobil 1 Oil Change Rebate

    Just be sure to also get the M2 filter if you aren't already. I get the high mileage, long life filter and change the filter every other oil change with 10k intervals. Those synths are so good, the oil in the filter when changing that is not terrible the the oil on the dipstick is still a...
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    K02 Owners - At What Measure Did Your Tires Start to Become Noisy?

    For the K02 Folks out there, how many 32nds did you All start to notice excess noise? Suppose I'm just wondering at what point do the K02s begin to give out or become just plain annoying?
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    OEM CV - disappointment

    For the record, I used Detroit Axle for my CVs and have had ZERO issues in the three years they've been on there. YMMV.
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    2006 LX Engine Dies After Climbing A Hill and Then Idling

    On the positive side of this, great work, and your fuel delivery system should be solid for years to come once you DO get fixed. ( I didn't read further to see if you'd licked it yet). Aaaaand, you Did. Great work! Sounds like when I was in denial that my steering rack was busted- replaced...
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    YotaMD front diff bushing replacement vid

    I ordered a steering column u-joinr there that was cheaper then us vendor, even with shipping from the Emirates. No question of the PEM, it was absolutely original. Impressed. Had to wait three weeks, but there are comprises I'm willing to make to save big money.
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    My front seat leather experience

    I liked my Lseats leather..Very much. I WOULD recomend getting some high density foam to cut for the bolsters on the seat sides, though- cut to size/shape (rough is OK) and use a 3m spray Styrofoam Glue to connect them together, then recover. Comfortable as Hell, and even my picky wife said WOW...
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    When to replace Ignition coils.

    I, too keep to spares AND Denso Power plugs- and my ODB- just in case. That said, I ALWAYS replace them in pairs now. Before I would JUST replace the coil and it'd fail again sooner or later. When i replaced them in pairs (new coil and plug) have not had one fail since.
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    Best CV option, Rebuilt? A/M? // Best Radiator for the money. 2020 Edition

    Unless you have a big lift, I have never had any issues at all with my Detroit Axle Reman Axles. Have been great.
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    3rd row seats won't latch - Help

    I don;t think this is the case, it looks pretty well lined up. But, that said- I struggled with getting that closed my first few weeks owning the LC. Exactly as you described.
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    3rd row seats won't latch - Help

    I think you can take a screwdriver (like a broad flathead) and swing/pry that latch back to OPEN, it looks closed- which is why it's banging on the retainer loop. You may or may not need to pull the release while doing it, I don't remember..but I believe it'll pivot to open (where the opening in...
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    AC Leak?

    I haven't been able to read this entire thread, but I can tell you this. Both you and I have had a c problems their trucks for a while now. I went through multiple rounds of the same stuff you're doing right now leak testing, refilling under filling overfilling etc etc. At the end of the day...
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    Front Axle Replacement - OEM or Rebuilt?

    I went DA and haven't had a single issue, but be sure to also get the axle seal kit from land cruiser heaven for each side.
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