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    Engine swap'tions in an FJ45 LWB. (other than SBC please.)

    Subscibed! Definitely interested to see what you come up with. I struggled with this as well. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    Got a few pieces done at the powder coater. He was a bit busy, took him a couple weeks.. Which was a okay, I had plenty of hunny do's to catch up on. It will be nice to have it drivable again tho. Now that I can drive it, I don't like when its down... The parts look splotchy, but thats just...
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    Thanks Mike! Nice to hear it works like it should.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Nice!! Thanks for the pic. Nice to see it on a vehicle. I agree with @Engineer8000 What rings are those? Thanks.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I have to agree with you. I just recently said the same thing about my own. I had thought about trying to find some older fj45 headlight trim rings. I haven't looked yet, but its on my list of things to look for. If you go that route let us know what you did. Rig is looking awesome by the way!!
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    FJ40 shackle angle/ Do I need new springs?

    I don't think you can check shackle angle until you have all the weight on it. And I would put a couple miles on it to make sure everything settles in. After that, if you choose to remove a spring that would be the time to make that decision. Hope that helps.
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    Just an upgrade I wanted to make. My thought process was that on some claim it is a necessary upgrade. Due to our higher horsepower. Making more heat?!?! It comes factory on the Passat NMS which is (I think) 140hp?? Couldn't hurt I figured..
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    Disc brake conversion for 3/70 FJ40

    I just pulled everything off an axle. Last post in my build thread. I was gonna sell. PM if you are interested in going that route.
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    Then I moved onto the front end. I need to give a big shout out to Georg @orangefj45 for all his help at this point. I called him to ask questions about the pinion seal, flanges, etc. And he told me to put the front diff in the rear because of less use. And he said he has pinion flanges to work...
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    Builds after KOH LV build

    I just came across your thread about a week ago. I have to agree with the others, your pics and trips and very good motivation to get my rig on the road!! Thank you!
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    I didn't like my gear ratio as soon as I drove it. When I set it up I figured I would use 35" tires. Well I hadn't done any homework on tires before to learn that they say 35 and measure 33.5. And I learned that 1.5" is close to 400 rpms.. So I had the axles that were in the 40 when I bought it...
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    I agree on the weight. I thought I would be closer to 3000 #'s when done and I posted a few weeks ago that I stopped at the scale and with me and a full tank of fuel and no gear(chains, jack, etc.) it came in at 3800#'s... I was surprised to say the least. I kept the factory fan system. It was...
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    Fj40 camper - ideas

    When I picked up my 40 from the upholstery guy we talked about making a pop out of the back. Even talked about a version that a person could stand up in. I just got mine on the road this fall. So this may be in my future. Especially since I have an artisan willing to fabricate outside the box...
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    Builds Meet Ivy, 1976 FJ40 w/VW TDI

    Right now I figure it is about 180hp. I still have room to turn it up. We will see after I get some more miles on it and get a few bugs worked out. I only have about 100 miles on it so far. And only about half that is on the pavement just driving it to work. The other half is cruising the dirt...
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    FJ40 / 6BT / NV4500 / NP205

    His shocks must have only been an inch long as well... :rofl:
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