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    Socal Camp spots during winter season?

    What vehicle are you driving? Anza Borrego Desert State Park has many places with beautiful views and things to go see during the day. (guide books are available) They do not allow ground fires, so be ready for that. Plenty of day run type trails. If you want real excitement then plan you...
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    Socal Camp spots during winter season?

    Sounds like you're looking for a mountain type camp. Ever consider the desert areas? Lots of primitive out there.
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    Builds xStogiex's 1986 Toyota Pickup 2WD 4 Speed Restomod

    I'm impressed at your finds. That interior from the green truck is easily worth near $500.
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    Random Picture Thread

    You people with teenagers! Bah. My youngest is 37. Bunch of whinny whippersnappers!
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    Artistic Cruiser Pics

    toad? or road?
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    Why do you go camping?

    When I lived 'in town' it was to 'get away' to peace and have a good time with friends of like mindedness. Now that I live in the boonies far from 'town' it's mostly peaceful enough. But I do still miss the desert Southwest something fierce. Have not be camping in way too long, years.
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    Sounds like someones hitting my frame with a hammer

    Does '85 have that stupid torque rod? Bushings on that?
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    Sunshine and kittens and other happy cute things

    Scott, you must be very careful here. Remember what happened with the last 'dog sitter'?
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    Sunshine and kittens and other happy cute things

    At first glance it's hard to tell that's a painting. Then I scrolled down.
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    Source for Seatbelts?

    What about the ones that are worn out and won't retract or cinch up?
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    Did FJ40 have a 2 wheel Drive?

    Oh and welcome to the forum!
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    Did FJ40 have a 2 wheel Drive?

    Not from the factory. I've seen a few rat rod style builds. As far as I know all FJ40s were solid front axle units. I'd certainly pass on the one in the posted picture.
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    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    'Amarillo by morning, up from Phoenix'
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    4" spring under lift 66 FJ40

    Full droop would have the least amount of spline visible. Full compression would have the most spline visible.
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