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    Spare Tire Bumper - early FJ40s
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    SR5 steering wheel question

    Also available on the Deluxe '80 4wd trucks.
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    OME Leaf Springs on 1985 4R

    PLEASE don't do this! Springs sack out fast, C/S sucks. Had to add leafs to their "V8 springs" for my Gm 4.3L V6. Warranty void if not greased, use lift shackles or w/out up-travel limit blocks. Learned the hard way.
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    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

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    Transmission swap question

    Both. T-case may be chain drive vs. geared. Bolt pattern is different between the two. Inspect before you by. Call Marlin and ask questions, they know stuff.
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    Transmission swap question

    Caution! Looks to be a driver's side drop. Your '79 is a passenger side drop. Transfer case may not bolt up.
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    Which version of Oklahoma do you have?
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    Craigslist Find - Opinions?

    Ask why the salvage title. Request CARFAX and pictures of frame . Too steep for salvaged vehicle. IMO
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    Dogs of MUD!

    The better to hear the munchie wrapper with dearie!
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    1980s Specialized Stump Jumper Expert Needed

    Have you tried contacting Specialized?
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    What am I lookin at?

    Don't spray any rust encapsulator on that. Might make it a bit difficult should it need servicing.
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    Builds The Volvo C304 restoration.

    Cicak, anything to report?
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    Where does this part go? (Rear diff assembly)

    Ref was for external nut for drive flange.
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    Where does this part go? (Rear diff assembly)

    Picture does not show extent of disassembly. Too small for side gears and not curved like spider thrust washers should be. Look at pinion gear nut from drive flange, look for washer. Even if nut needs to be removed to install washer, it should not affect preload or tooth engagement. That is...
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