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    Ignition Wiring - No Spark 1974 1F

    Several questions: Your battery voltage measured at the coil is 11.25? Very low. What is the voltage at the battery terminals? You should get pretty much the same voltage at the coil with the points open. And with the points open you should have near zero resistance from the dissy body to...
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    Wheels for disc brake conversion?

    If you follow the toyota FSM adjustment procedure, you’ll get the results you see. Too much pumping. The drums need to be adjusted so that you can barely get them to spin one turn with a lot of effort. Anything looser will not work. That said, disk brakes work without adjustment and front...
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    Trollhole troubles?

    I’d recommend cutting and pasting your question into a new thread and delete this post. You’ll get a lot more feedback.
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    Help picking color for bezel

    CruiserCorps sells rattle can Cygnus white.
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    Adjusting rear drum brakes

    The ”adjusters” is just a threaded shaft with a toothed wheel. If your only problem is a rusted threads, you might get lucky and be able to free it up. If the cylinder is frozen, that’s a different story entirely. Take the drum off again and see what you are up against. You can check to see...
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    Fiberglass half doors

    Any updates?
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    Getting to work and "finishing"my 40

    First find the idle SPEED and the idle mixture screws. The idle speed one is almost impossible to see on the rear of the carb. That basically sets the stop on the throttle linkage. That‘s the one that you want to find. Also make sure that the choke is not engaged.
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    Thoughts on raptor liners...

    I’m not exactly a purist, but I try to avoid doing anything that is difficult/impossible to undo. Liner is almost impossible to undo.
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    Decals for gauge cluster

    I know that this has been discussed in the past but I can’t find it for the life of me. I want to refinish this dash cluster panel and need 4 simple decals that say “oil” “fuel” Temp” and “Amp”. There are some on Ebay for $3 or $4 plus $16 shipping each. Is there a simple solution to this...
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    Caster measuring- is this setup OK?

    Here’s what I did. Measuring caster angle
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    Any FJ40 folks out there who love to talk about Land Cruisers?

    Post what you know and some pictures and you’ll get more talk than you ever expected.
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    Post pics of your beautiful restored, clean & organized engine bay

    How about clean and original looking....
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    Drivers side horn photo 78ish. FJ40

    Mine is general market, not US, so may be different?
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    Drivers side horn photo 78ish. FJ40

    Thanks, but I’m looking for the original location. I saw one photo where it was mounted on the body near the bib. Anyone with a later model 40 who can take a photo?
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