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    70 series body weight

    Apologies if this has already be answered, I've looked but can only find the assembled weights
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    70 series body weight

    Good evening all, I am preparing to lift the body of my LJ71 off the frame for the next step in the resto. Does anyone know what the weight of just the body is on a light duty JDM 70 series? It is completely stripped at this point (doors and glass are still on it). I am trying to figure out...
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    Stock 70 series bumper near GA ?

    I have a set of stock bumpers from a SWB 70 series that I don't expect to be reusing. Is there a difference?
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    Manual Sunroof?

    Does anyone know if any of the 70 series Land Cruisers ever came with a manual (crank) sunroof? I am in the process of rebuilding my '87 LJ71 and I want to convert all the power accessories (windows, locks, mirrors and sunroof) to manual. I used to have an old Merkur that had a crank sunroof...
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    70 series wide front vs narrow front

    By wide front I meant the fenders. I know some have the turn signals mounted on the outside of the front fenders and those seem to stop higher up. Mine has the turn signals mounted inside the front fenders. Mine is from Japan, but was imported to Canada. But those flares you suggested might...
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    70 series wide front vs narrow front

    I have started rebuilding my 1987 LJ71. I want to add some fender flares to it. I have been looking around online and found a few sources. But none specify if the flares available will fit a wide front or a narrow front land cruiser. Mine is a wide front. Is there any difference as far as...
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    2L-T Injection Pump rebuild kit in Ontario

    Have you checked the top of your tank? I had cracked lines coming from the tank. Brazed them and it made a world of difference
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    2L-T Injection Pump rebuild kit in Ontario

    In the end my injection pump was fine. I did end up ordering a reseal kit from for about £20. If you are willing to do it yourself or know someone who is, that might be a good route.
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    1987 LJ71 Not charging

    About a month ago, the starter went on my 1987 Land Cruiser LJ71. It has a 2L-T and was imported from Japan. At the same time, the alternator stopped charging. I had both units rebuilt. The starter is fine now. I got the alternator put back in and it didn't work. Took it back to the shop...
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    Cigarette Lighter Isn't Working (But Gets Power)

    I am having a similar problem with my '87 LJ71. The socket has 12 volts. But none of my accessories (including the original cigarette lighter) work. I bought an extension cord that plugs into it. When I plug in the extension cord the small LED on the cord lights up indicating it has power...
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    For Sale  3-speed transmission (FJ40)

    I've got a 3-speed manual transmission (I believe it is out of an FJ40). It has a bell housing from a small block Chevrolet motor on it as well as the required bits to hook it up. I have no use for it and it is just taking up space. It is at my brother's house near Cambridge, Ontario, Canada...
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    2LT-E Intake Gasket?

    Hopefully I can re use the old one then. Its a bit of a fxxx around for me to work on it at the moment. I live in Newfoundland, the truck is in Ontario and I work on ship for four weeks at a time. So I am trying to make sure I have all the parts I need before I get to work on the truck. I...
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    2LT-E Intake Gasket?

    I have recently come into a 1987 LJ70 (maybe LJ71. I'm not sure the difference). It has the 2LT-E motor and has been sitting for almost 3 years without running. A couple weeks ago I was able to get it running again. It turns out the wire running to the fuel cut-off solenoid was broken. Once...
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    2L-T Injection Pump rebuild kit in Ontario

    I think I may need to rebuild the injection pump on my 1987 LJ70. Is there anywhere near Cambridge, Ontario that I would be able to get a rebuild kit asap? I am going to be on ship for 28 days starting Wednesday. I know this is short notice, but if I could get the kit before that I can...
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