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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    Also tired of stepping over this! 17ft Grumman Canoe. Pretty sure I have some seats and paddles somewhere too. Anybody in the club wants it 450 for everything. Located in Brandon
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    For Sale M416 Overland Trailer

    Built m416 $4000obo will entertain serious cash offers. Specs: tongue extended with a bull dog hitch, bed has been bed lined, new bearings and seals, new cj3 leaf springs and ubolts, new shocks, new shackles (replaced rear s shackle and put on standard shackle) bottom was sprayed with rust...
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    My 416 build is up on the chopping block! Extended tongue, bulldog hitch, ko2, new bearings seals etc, new cj3 springs, new shocks, new shackles, bed lined bed, tent rack with Roto pax gas can and traction boards and awning mounts, two propane tanks, mount for another roto pax, joolca hot water...
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    For Sale Early F tall thermostats housing

    Picked up a couple of these awhile back when a limited run on here got done. No longer need this one. 175 shipped
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    For Sale Early LPB Tail Gate hinge

    Picked this up awhile back and ended up not using it. It was the correct hinge for my 65 45. $100 shipped
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    SOLD SD-40 Big window carb

    @wngrog do you still have yours?
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    Wanted Later FJ60 Pedal Bucket

    Looking for a later 60 pedal bucket. Need the parts to tnrow an h55 in a 62. Let me k know what you got.
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    Do you still have the pedal bucket assembly?
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    Set of 3.73 difs out of my 60. Rear dif is still in axle and goes with it. 500 obo for all of it.
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    Wanted Bug catcher passenger window frame.

    Did you find any? I may have two whole windows.
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    1965 FJ45 LWB Saving a Survivor

    It will also do 70 on the interstate like a champ
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    1965 FJ45 LWB Saving a Survivor

    The final drive....
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    1965 FJ45 LWB Saving a Survivor

    Can’t wait to watch a few tasteful upgrades! It was a privilege to own it. @Landcruiser Nut is the right guy to carry it forward.
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    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    No doubt kinda wish mine was a 00’ and not a 99’, ha.
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    Cottonland Hunting/Shooting Thread

    Ruger Ranch 300blk rotary mag model. Factory threaded, a few marks on rail from scope rings, comes with 2 rotary mag, 2 boxes of Winchester 150 grain. 550 local only. located in Brandon MS I have a couple of these and it’s one of my favorite shooters.
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