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    soooo asshats

    Oregon? Kinda far from WV
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    Random videos

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    alphabet game

    Wow, this thread is still going.
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    Builds Moonshine - A Build Thread

    Grab a couple pairs from the junkyard, and build your own pack that works for you.
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    What sticker was here?

    Could be anything, but its not from Toyota.
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    Volvos: Still made in Sweden at all?

    If it is awd, make sure to check the tire pressure every day. They eat the internal solid coupler between the trans and the v-drive(transfer case) if the pressure in the tires is off a little . Mine is now a fwd car because I refuse to fix it again. Now it eats front tires.
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    What are your favorite Cruiser YouTube Videos?

    Pro skateboarder from the late 90s, Jamie Thomas, has a sweet FJ62.
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    Holiday Entree

    Ahhh... Rice pudding sucked.
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    Holiday Entree

    Wife made pork and zucchini pad thai, and I'm making baked rice pudding for dessert. I thought I had one last bottle of OB's stashed away but I was wrong. No pic of the pad thai, it was gone too fast.
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    T-N-T Early Summer, 2011

    Hey Decavo, Are you still making soaps and lip balms?
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    So my 80 is gonna need paint soon...

    Thats riceist
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    Alaska Off Road Warriors

    One hell of a mullet!!
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    Any Buffalo Cruiserheads?

    It's gonna be one big mess today, the temp is already in the mid 40s
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    Any Buffalo Cruiserheads?

    I'm 2 hours east of Buffalo and there is only a dusting on the lawn. Cold as a witch's tit.
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    Official 80 Series Tech moved to chat thread

    Downhill, WOT, and with a tailwind. It is true.
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