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    For Sale CO 2F distributor

    You got it.
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    For Sale  CO - 2F pushrods

    I have 62 of pushrods for sale. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is 15 bucks for all.
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    For Sale  CO 2F distributor

    I have a 2F distributor for sale, comes with everything you see here. Please note the secondary diaphragm does not work for high altitude environments. Primary does. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is $45.
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    For Sale  Grand Junction CO - 2F push rods

    Six pushrods for sale for a 2F. Buyer pays shipping. $20
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    For Sale  Grand Junction CO -FJ60 power steering pump. Rebuilt.

    I rebuilt a power steering pump for an FJ 60 with a NAPA kit. The shaft shows no signs of wear from the front seal which is why I am placing it on the market and not throwing it away. Please note I didn’t use a stock Toyota O-ring for the reservoir to the pump. If you want a Toyota o ring please...
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    owners of Method Rims on you J200 Question

    Not using the factory. I am using the acorn style. Can you gives specs on your style? Or where you bought and the model number.
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    For Sale  Grand Junction, CO - 3FE Main Bearing and Thrust bearing.

    I have a set of 3FE main bearing @ .25mm over, and thrust bearing up for sale. Clevite - made in Japan. Buyer pays shipping with USPS flat rate box @ about $15. Price: $25 for both.
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    owners of Method Rims on you J200 Question

    My 200 has a set of Method rims on it, 305 NV. As they didn’t come with lug nuts I found a set and put them on. (As you’re aware, the designs are different between the two.) When I took the stock rims and lugs off I noticed that the lugs had 10 revolutions to it before it started to seat On...
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    FJ60 sound proofing and carpet install

    Nice work. Be proud!
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    SOLD  Grand Junction CO FJ60/62 NIB shackles front and rear.

    I have a complete set of front and rear shackles for an FJ 60/62 for sale. These are new in box, never installed. Sourced from I will pay for shipping via USPS flat rate box. $75 for the set.
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    SOLD  Grand Junction,CO - H42 transmission

    Selling my H42 from my ‘83 FJ60. I converted to an H55 and it’s been sitting around the house for years. Tail shaft is not worn. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is $250 for the part.
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    FJ60 AC what is next?

    Not just the fitting but there are O-rings that need to be changed over. Two of these O-rings are at the evaporator which is in the cab. The evaporator can be taken out for access to the o-rings. Also your receiver/dryer should be changed out also. R-134 O-rings are green in color.
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    Tire Pressure recommendation

    BFG KO2 LT285/65-18. 125/122R I can't seem to get into the website you listed to check myself.
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    1989 fj62 transmission rebuild

    Dacco and Transstar.
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    291k mile, 10 yr parked, FJ62 rescue!

    This is what the inside of a 60 series fuel tank looks like.
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