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    Builds My '78 FJ40 "44"

    There's a country song in there somewhere!!
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    Bezel question

    Ain't it the truth?
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    Width between corner channels 1975 40

    @gator25 If you don't need them I'll take them...Much obliged. May the winds of TLC Karma blow your way, or you find an abandoned "beverage truck" on your way home this evening....:beer:
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    Will do!
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    Ouch...! God speed sir!
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    @cruiserkev Picked up the spacer from city racer.
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    @ginmtb R U running points or electronic ignition?
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    I have an original 76 carb. With a gasket in place it still didn't "sit" just right. Picked up a spacer and test fit. Air cleaner seems to have a better stance and a better seal with the spacer.
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    @78fj40mg Cold Beverage says it's the alternator. 1800 RPM, 11.67v off the alternator no lights. 10.2 with lights on same RPM. @ 1200ish RPM I Removed the POS (+) battery cable and the mule took a nose dive choked once and died....Old school test, but I'm pretty sure its my ALT.
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    Builds Removing SBC conversion, going back to Toyota. 1972 Frame Off

    ^^ Helps you focus :bounce: Your TLC is moving into the "Museum piece" arena...So well done. As a result, I've put blinders on the mule..!!
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    Our Heroes Dreams

    Well done....
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    I just wanted to post up a humble "thank you" to @pngunme and @rkymtnflyfisher for carrying-on this thread when they were watching over the foxhole. It's not often, outside the day to day shuffle of life, you find individuals who will "keep watch" while you are asleep. In this community...
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    It's Official... I've Resigned As Moderator

    Brother, before were called, we need to share a camp meal.............................................
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    Welcome to Veterans' Highway!

    Semper FI Mack- Welcome, do not be a stranger to this forum.....!!!
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    76 Fj40 Face Lift

    Sweet spot^^^. Haven't dialed it in yet. I'll try the new (rebuilt Toyota) VR and post up the results. Starting to suspect that the alternator is the culprit.
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