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    Shelter in place car wash...

    Very well. Can do without hose, or with. Which makes it very flexible, effective and convenient. Larry’s OCD and attention to detail are legendary. Products are well designed and formulated with safety of the detailer in mind.
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    Shelter in place car wash...

    This is my goto for cleaning. Big fan of Ammo. HOSELESS LIFT KIT $150 | AMMO AUTO CARE INC. Check out the hoseless wash video.
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    Speed Bleeder Size or Part Number?

    For the Motive power bleeder, which version are folks using? Did a quick amazon check on this, and it appears there are several versions. Thanks!
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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Wondering if there is any update on LX key fobs?
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    Any reasonably inexpensive 17" wheel options?

    Discount tire in Bellingham. Not as far as Everett... But then you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon returning to Canada! Actually, the situation with boarder crossings... not good these pandemic days.
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    Recall on fuel pumps for 2014-15 TLCs and LX570s

    Received my letter from Toyota on my 2015 LX570 this week. Again, not aware of anyone on this board mentioning this issue. If I remember correctly, it was a problem with the low pressure fuel pump.
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    Fuel pump recall

    2015 LXs are effected by this fuel pump recall? The CNN article above references late model Toyota/Lexi 2018+.
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    Jowett Performance Filter Housing with Fumoto drain valve

    Just placed my order, seems like an amazing piece of hardware. Can't wait to get it installed. Now need to source a filter wrench... open to suggestions.
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    Rear fog light pictures

    Are you running a wire from the cabin to the rear fog or able to tap into the harness to utilize something already there?
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    LX570 AHC Globe/Accumulator Replacement

    PN for AHC fluid, anyone?
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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Please, please, please.... 2015 LX x2!!!
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    Overhead console switch illumination

    one more reason to role in an LX ;)
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    PSA/Heads Up - Counterfeit YZZA4 Oil Filters

    amazon has become like eBay with fake goods. good catch.
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    LX570 on 37” tires

    Great video. Nice to see how he achieved 4 inch lift, accommodated 37's, and left the AHC intact. Best of all worlds, IMO.
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    100 Days of Ownership

    Great write up and i while i echo several of your gripes, LOVE THIS TRUCK! Honestly though, size of the gas tank/range available with the 5.7V8 petrol is the biggest design flaw with this vehicle. 30% more fuel capacity would be much closer to perfection.
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