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    LX 470 LED headlights

    @Pyrenees Did you ever try the Beamtech H1 in the LX? Low beams just went out and stumbled across that same lamp and of course came to MUD to do some digging about them for our trucks. Seems you're the guinea pig on this one. Any feedback?
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    2008 ticking noise

    I have an Amazon Green 08 and I've never heard it tick. With much saddness I have it listed for sale in the classified section if you want to take a look.
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    LC 200 Production numbers broken down by color.

    Fat Amy is rare indeed and a beauty.
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    LC 200 Production numbers broken down by color.

    Found this Toyota Land Cruiser Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR but still no color breakdown. 3801 200s for the 2008 year.
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    LC 200 Production numbers broken down by color.

    Has anyone seen 200 series production numbers broken down by color combinations? I've seen yearly totals but I've never seen a color breakdown. I have an Amazon Green Metallic with grey interior and I'm simply wondering how rare the combo is.
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    Amazon Green Metalic - super-rare 2008 up for sale

    With much regret and trepidation I am selling my stock 2008 Amazon Green Metallic/grey interior 200 as I've accepted an overseas position. It has 140K on the clock and is located in Atlanta. I would love for it to stay in the "MUD family". Beautiful truck/excellent condition.
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    OEM mice?

    The truck is parked in a carport and is a DD. It is never parked longer than 12 hours. They must love the warmth of that engine and come running the minute I pull in.
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    Oil maintenance light

    Ok, so my oil maintenance light on the dash came on at around 5000 miles on the oil when I set the maintenance interval to be 7500. Are these 2 separate systems? Is the oil maintenance truly controlled by something you set through Tech Stream and not through the Nav/Audio system?
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    Gunk in the oil filler cap

    A friend of mine who runs an oil change shop says 90% of the cars he sees in our area come in with this. He said to make sure the PCV valve is functioning properly though.
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    Gunk in the oil filler cap

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I ordered a Blackstone kit to send out a sample on the next oil change. I'll repost with my results as well. A quick Google search provided numerous links talking about the condensation and or head-gasket leak. What is this white milky stuff under my oil cap...
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    Gunk in the oil filler cap

    Has anyone seen this funk form inside their oil filler cap before? If so, what's causing it? I use Mobile 1 0W-20 synthetic and I've put 5500 miles on the truck since my last oil change. Any ideas?
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    OEM mice?

    Upon performing some routine maintenance I discovered some mice have taken up residence in my engine compartment. They've already littered the engine cover with discarded acorn shells, and they've chewed the washer reservoir filler but I'm worried about them doing more significant damage. Any...
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    LX 570 HID Headlight retrofit

    @MScruiser Is that the H4 or the H11 for our trucks? Those look great.
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    Future of Toyota's infotainment system

    A little preview of what the 300 will not have. Toyota Chooses SmartDeviceLink Over CarPlay and Android Auto
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    2008 Will not start

    @TexAZ I wish I could help you here. I replaced the battery and it didn't make a difference. I put the original battery back in and it still didn't work but 15 minutes later no more clunk and it started right up. I've since tested both batteries and found both to be fully charged. I have no clue...
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