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    Winch Bumper ID

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    Master Cylinder Rebuild - DIY

    I believe you are correct, Skidoo... i think this can of worms may be more like pandora's box. Just out of curiosity... you mention "earlier models w/o ECU/ABS" - Do you happen to know of any Toyota electric MC's w/o ABS? That could solve my challenge, if it exists!
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    Master Cylinder Rebuild - DIY

    that won't work. I physically cannot install the unit w/ the ABS control module attached. So i need to find a way to convert the MC to non-ABS. But looking at the hydraulic diagrams, I'm not sure it can be done??
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    Master Cylinder Rebuild - DIY

    Sorry for taking this thread in perhaps an odd direction, but I've been working on adapting this MC/Booster to a Tacoma. Does anyone know if it's possible to completely eliminate the ABS control module? My application doesn't require ABS... and frankly, I need the room (i.e. the control model...
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    What year is this Tacoma?

    That's about as bad as posting a square bodied k10 and asking the same... It's between an 05 and 11
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    2010 Tundra probs

    my 11 crewmax could only do 8.5mpg max towing my Tacoma and later a JD2305. The tow mode also sucked - tranny hunted like hell.
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    2006-2008 tundra

    I've owned an 04 dcab, 06 dcab, 08 crewmax and 11 crewmax. The 06 is the one I miss.
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    Anyone done Tundra brakes on a early Solid Axle. + Tundra 231mm rotors (powerslot) and calipers = profit.
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    buying used taco question

    Nope... doublecabs were offered with the 3rz
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    Frame Porn

    doing that will ensure it rusts from the inside out; any scratch or abraision will wick water between the coat and the metal. Pwodercoating belongs on street cars.
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    2wd to 4x4 SAS 1986 Toyota Chinook camper build

    Yup... the front spring hanger. IMHO, replace it with something with less leverage on the frame.
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    2wd to 4x4 SAS 1986 Toyota Chinook camper build

    I really like this build... but please... please... please... get rid of that frame hanger before it rips itself off... Please.
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    any one ever done a frame off?

    This is the right way to do it...
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    are can-backs really weather-proof?

    Driven in rain, taken to car washes... never had an issue.
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    are can-backs really weather-proof?

    neer had any weather issues with the two that I owned.
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