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    Need a little help from the McGrew legends.

    I am looking into leading a small run of 70 series landcruisers into Sourdough, and am wondering the availability of getting the gate opened for us. Hoping for early June. If you are able or can point me in the right direction please DM or call me. Thanks, my southern brothers! Bill...
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    Events/Trails 3rd Annual SW 70 Series Social —-October 31-November 3!!!

    Put us on the tentative list! 70's meet up and the Grand Canyon, that's 2 I could cross off the bucket list! I'd be interested in helping come up with t-shirts if you would like.
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    Dash Speakers - how big?

    I put in some cheap kicker 4" coaxials. But i ordered a pair of the focals mentioned above. I'll keep you posted on how they fit ( maybe even a pic or 2)
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    Dash Speakers - how big?

    Good deal right here:
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    Dash Speakers - how big?

    Not necessarily all tbhat shallow, but not much clearance in front of the cone ( 2 ways with tweeter). Hard to find 4" seperate components, but that will be what i do next time
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    Interior Black door handles ?

    Thinking about purchasing a pair of black abs door cards, but would then need to source black handles, window cranks, and arm rests. Were these available in black, or crossover from another model? Still googling...... Than you
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    Meet Up - Migration Brewing - May 11th

    I will be there manning a booth for Cascade Cruisers! Stop by to say hi, enter to win cool prizes, maybe even some free TLCA swag and check out the cool land cruisers.
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    Meetup - March 10th

    Went to one last year, great group of cruiserheads! Hope to make this one too
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    70 series suspension

    Metal Tech is an Oregon company and also the USA distributor for Iron Man 4x4. They have access to more than this if you call. Metal Tech 4x4 - Search Results for "Toyota" Series Land Cruiser&Year=1991
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    Parts Vehicle/junkyard?

    Go up 2 clubhouses and post in Cascade Cruisers, Best resource around for all things cruiser in pdx
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Got these from Ironman4x4 America/Metal Tech today. With new to me front leaf springs and all new hardware including ubolt flip kit, anti inversion shackes and greasable pins
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    Armor/etc. shop questions Mark Hawley has been a longtime supporter of the landcruiser world, he is also the north american distributor for Ironman4x4 out of Australia. Located in Newberg with more knowledge and stories than any cruiserhead I know.
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    catalytic converters

    Been running the simulator for years, get me thru the deq inspection every time (OBDII hook-up).
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    catalytic converters

    URD sells an 02 simulator, which allows the removal of the rear 02 sensors, I run the Doug Thorley long tube headers, which have a bung for the front (precat) sensors. From the headers the exhaust goes thru a magnaflow x cross pipe and into dual supertrapps.
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