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    70-Series: What Did Toyota Get Wrong?

    Leaf springs. probably fine when they were invented by the romans for their racing chariots, but coil springs were invented in 1857. Why did they wait until the 80 series to use this 'new' technology.
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    are 3B's a thing of the past or is there still a demand for them ?

    My opinion.. unless someone was restoring a BJ-something to original show-room condition, a person would be tad silly to every buy and swap/install a 3B, even a turbo'd one, into anything. Now that the Cummins R2.8 exists, and is actually really affordable in the grand scheme of things, and out...
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    12 volt vs. 24 volt?

    I don't agree that voltage is market based. At least, if so, the Canadian market was very confused: 78-84 BJ4x's were 24V. All BJ60's were 12V, but all the HJ60's were 24V. The 1985 BJ70 was 12Volt, but then the 86-87 BJ70's were 24V. I cannot explain why.
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    Builds Ziplock's revival

    I sure suck at build threads. I took the summer off, but have been back at this project in Ernest since October. It's now got a mock-up suspension, just enough of custom axles to have the wheels and tires on it, and I am testing the body to chassis fit to finalize axle placement, body lift...
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    Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet - Save the Date - September 16-19, 2021

    Is there a limit to how many of our 70's we are allowed to bring?
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    Paint codes/colours of the BJ74 Stripes

    I was thinking that my project needs some accent colours. You know how some people paint their callipers bright red and stuff. Maybe the knuckles or diff cover will be an accent colour. I want to do that on my current BJ74 build, but could not decide what colours. Then it hit me... The...
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    Good video showing how to use the axle alignment bar. Mine has threaded ends that screw onto the spindles, as well as the 'Puck's' that hold the alignment bar through the Center diff section.
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    Tyler, In your 4 link sheet, set you Front Drive Bias to 0. That will change your rear anti-squat number, and give you a number for anti-squat when you are in 2WD. I am guessing your AS is closer to 50%. This internet guy says you want a higher roll center height in the rear, than in the front...
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    Parts For Sale/ Trade/ Free / Wanted/ Not Wanted

    None that I am aware of.
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    BJ73 or 74 without rear doors

    I wonder if there is an opportunity to make a few of these. How much would you pay for a fiberglass swing out tailgate?
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    PTO output for centre winch

    Yes. I have personally switched the output to drive an Air Compressor, and @lowenbrau also did a rear PTO Output to drive a Hydraulic pump for a Hydraulic Winch. It's a very simple job, no new parts required. Just take it apart and reversies.
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    37s on a 70?

    Awl righttt... let's do this! 35's are the minimum tire size for a 70 series. They fit with almost no lift. reverse the front main leafs to move the axle forward a few inches. that is the magic so the tires clear the body. The wheel wells themselves are designed, from the factory, to...
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    BJ74 just died on highway

    I was about to reply with this very suggestion. This is a weird problem uniquely related to the 13B-T motor. Faulty vacuum or shut-down solenoids have bested even seasoned diesel mechanics! If you don't know about this... you just don't know! here's another weird one for the 13BT. If your...
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    Builds Aussie HZJ78 in Canada: "Ozzi" (simple build)

    You should bring that thing out to Peter's Drive in on Thursday evening and meet the local TLCA chapter - Rocky Mountain Land Cruisers. Covid has us social distancing for our monthly meetings in the Peter's parking lot. 7:30ish. Be sure to strike up a conversation with...
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