In my 20's and drove a 70 fj-40 for a while. I have always wanted another one. So at 47 I purchased a 66 FJ-45 I call Frankenstein Jr because the frame is a 64, the cowl is 66, door handles and mirrors are 78, the engine is a 2F attached to an H55 5 speed transmission and And I have learned all this because they did a piss pore job when putting it together. So the frame Up, turn key, restore I purchased has been anything but. However, all the parts for a great truck are there. I just have to figure it out. If I had known all I have learned since I bought it I wouldn't have, or at least not for what I paid. But then I would know all I know about this great truck today.
The front leafs have been customized with an OME shackle reversal kit and leafs. Disk upgrade to the front breaks, aftermarket hub locks and front and back air lockers, Celica buckets and I am still learning as I go.
Recently I found rust pushing up from underneath body fill and just how much was covered instead of restored. 8 years into it and I'm forced to either sell it or redo the restore. So the education continue on a hole new level as I search for parts and ways to insure many more years or life for FJ. Cause make no mistake, FJ ROCKS!!!
Long Island, NY.



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