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    For Sale FZJ80 Supercharger

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    For Sale FZJ80 Supercharger

    Thanks for posting darkness! The belt is Toyota # 00642-17620-530 and Dayco # 6PK1790 DA+>CR<
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    For Sale FZJ80 Supercharger

    Bump $950
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    For Sale FZJ80 locker control box

    ohhh gotcha, im not too interested in doing that unless i find someone who doesn't need or want the pigtails. If i do, i will let you know first.
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    For Sale FZJ80 locker control box

    So just the 4wheel drive control box? no switch or pigtails?
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    For Sale  FZJ80 locker control box

    I have a 4wheel drive control box and switch with pigtails out of a 1993 FZJ80. $100 send me your address for shipping quote
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    For Sale FZJ80 Supercharger

    edited, forgot about that
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    For Sale  FZJ80 Supercharger

    I have a New Supercharger for a FZJ80 for sale. I am missing a lot of the parts to make the kit. I only have the compressor and the belt (I also believe i have the fan, just can't find it at the moment, so no guarantees on it) $950 obo
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    Wanted FZJ80 Supercharger Parts

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    Wanted  FZJ80 Supercharger Parts

    Hello i have the main supercharger for FZJ80 but need the rest of the parts and pieces to complete the kit. (expecially need plenums and pulleys) Let me know what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks!
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    Brown BJ60 in Salmo BC????

    Does anyone know a Patrick Desilets that lives in Salmo BC, he drives a brown BJ60 in kinda of rough shape. His cruiser broke down in MB, Simon Liew and myself helped him to get going, and i lent him the pulley off my water pump. He was suposed to send it back but he cannont be found now.
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    Need help! cant shift

    i replaced the master cyclinder and when i did it i adjusted the rod so there was no play in the pedal. Im not sure how old the clutch is.
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    Need help! cant shift

    when i start the truck in gear it tryes to move a tiny bit, never did that before. but it will not take off on. Clutch engagement point is not the same, it pretty much engages as soon as you let off the pedal slave cylinder moves about an inch still attached to the truck. and does not lose...
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    Need help! cant shift

    I replaced the master cylinder anyway and bled, still no luck
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