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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I actually cut the Jeep part short. I dragged him way longer than needed just to mess with him. It was pretty funny. I did have a quick talk with the taco dude when we got to the highway. He was well aware of his mistake.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Rear brake job and headed for Big Bear. Had a great time with the fam and pulled my buddy’s Rubicon a couple times as he was trying to keep up. Late in the day we found a solo driver in a Tacoma Trd stranded on our steep climb out. We turned him around and lead them to an easier way out of the...
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    Anybody had wet Front passenger carpet after rain ?

    I had wet feet after rain. I checked the sunroof but ended up being the windshield. Had a company do it and I even showed them the manual on how it needed to be installed and they said yes no problem. Well, they didn’t do it as promised so I had to take it back and had them silicone the...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Haven’t been here for a while but today we took the cruiser to test drive it’s new shoes to our local mountain in SoCal. Loved the Nitto trailgrapppers but wanted to try something new. My options were KM3, nitto TG and MTR Kevlar. After tons of research I decided to go with another E rated...
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    why is this wet....

    I had the same issue with the wet floor and even after having a new windshield installed they didn't get it. I had them silicon the gasket on the outside and finally took care of it.
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    Official? SoCal craigslist thread

    Haven't posted on Craigslist yet but I have a set of: TJM FZJ80 Land Cruiser/LX450 Shocks - XGS Tiger Adjustable (2" lift) $200 A local shop installed them on my truck a while back with a 4" lift and after driving it home I noticed they where the wrong length. They have probably less than 10...
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    Where have all the rear bumper fabricators gone!?

    Just go 4x4 Labs. You won't want to go back anyway. Great bumper and the extra clearance makes a huge difference.
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    Problem during valve cover gasket repair

    Well, never found it so hopefully it made its way down to the oil pan. Thank you.
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    Problem during valve cover gasket repair

    I'm in the middle of doing the valve cover gasket and when I pulled the cover off the spark plug tube seals practically crumbled. One of them stayed complete in the tube and a couple others fell apart. I picked up the pieces but one from the #6 is missing and can't find it anywhere.:( I...
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    Finally replaced my dying Diehard Platinum 31M

    It doesn't look like it is. I've been doing some research and haven't found anything that would suggest that yet. It looks like the "X2 Power" (another popular AGM battery in some forums) is a rebranded Northsar.
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    Finally replaced my dying Diehard Platinum 31M

    Die Hard battery wasn't holding charge anymore and it was hard to pull the trigger because of cost ($300) but I think is worth it. Install was a breeze, no need to trim anything since the fins at the bottom narrow down enough to fit. Cables are a little tight but they reached fine. Northstar...
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    FJ80 Front windshield glass replacement ?

    I just did mine at a local shop with a ton of good yelp reviews . They had two options of glass which the lady had zero Idea which one was better or why they where different. One had a slight golden tint and the other one a blueish shade on top. (We decided on the second since it is what mine...
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    4x4labs rear and exhaust issues

    Cut out resonator and the whistle is VERY loud, thinking of having it welded back.
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    Builds Another 80 series build thread. The 'BlackHole'

    What color did you end up ordering and how do they look compared to the oem? I'm trying to decide between lseat and landcruiserheaven. Thank you
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    The first pic is on fish creek wash. The long very very narrow hiking canyon is called the Slot. It is north of there on the other side of the 78. Camp is in Borrego springs.
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