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    Outdoors/Nature/Travel pictures

    The Maze, Canyonlands National Park
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    Round EYE's Headlight LED Upgrade

    Thanks for that; I have been running Roundeye's for 10-11 years and been happy enough, but this seems like a good idea.
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    80 amp alternator?

    Your ammeter may not be able to handle it, not sure what the limit is. But your charging system will only take as much current as it needs from the alternator, not the full 80 amps unless you were winching or otherwise using something with a large amperage draw. So, if you're not going to run...
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    1982 FJ40 odometer c-clip removal

    Pretty sure my 12/79 build 1980 did not have that collar, that does look difficult.
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    81 Voltage Output

    Check the condition of your cables and their connections, particularly the grounds.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Mrs. 1911's homemade pulled chicken and green chile flat stacked enchiladas, with homemade blue corn tortillas. It's a wonder I don't weigh 400 lbs.
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    Random Picture Thread

    FIFY. Seltzer drinks are the new wine coolers.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Only in P&R.
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    parent brag thread

    I'm proud of my middle son, who just graduated as a mining engineer. He's 33 years old; like me, a late-blooming student after several previous careers.
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    Rolling, extendable welding table build

    Those are cool; really nice work.
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    Insurance issues after hit and run

    I'm sure that there is a difference in agents. I was with State Farm for more than 45 years before I switched. I actually liked the second agent I had in that time, but we moved away and then he retired. The last two I had were much the same, and I moved my business to the last one hoping to...
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    Insurance issues after hit and run

    State Farm sucks donkey dicks; get rid of them. They did the same thing to us years ago; I made a big stink and they finally paid for most of the repair under our uninsured motorist coverage. They were incompetent in so many other ways. Felt so good when I went with USAA, cancelled all my...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Can you get it powder coated orange between the lobes?
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    What do I do now?

    Thanks for the info. I am running an FJ60 distributor also, and a less-than-ideal '79-80 carb that I would like to replace with a Holley Sniper some day.
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    CBD Oil?

    I know a gal that overdosed that sh!t and it literally turned her skin blue, permanently.
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