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    Cheap 2m antenna for the cruiser?

    I guess you realize the linked antenna is meant as a stationary, not mobile antenna - but in principle it could work as a mobile antenna, without the ground-plane rods or the PVC tubing, as long as you put it in the middle of your roof.
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    Portable shop heater

    That's what I use for the few times per year when I need heat. Works well in my insulated shop building.
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    Random Redneckness

    Buy them one size larger, and wear the right one on your left foot, after the left wears out. Twice the mileage for the same price!
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    multimeter recommendation

    Good to know, since apparently my Fluke 8024B is a collectable antique, according to the interwebs. Still works great; I wouldn't give it up for anything. But then again, I'm the guy that's still using my original HP11C RPN calculator every day, that I bought new in 1982.
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    Purchasing a Winch

    There are many foreign companies (including some Chinese) that don't give two sh!ts about U.S. patent law, copyright law, or property rights in general. They know that it's essentially unenforceable in their country. Besides, liberating the name "Zeon" saves them from having to translate their...
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    What does Your Remote Look Like?

    My 2007 (2006 build) fobs are just like the OEM photo you posted, except that they have the Toyota sombrero logo on both sides.
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    Sherpa Winches

    You'd have to use an appropriate gauge for the power leads. Winches use more power than that, some by a large margin. The ARB compressors were (originally) only designed to make enough air for their air lockers.
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    Sunshine and kittens and other happy cute things

    One of my sons pretty much learned to read by us reading them to him.
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    Random Redneckness

    Somewhere, I have a print of a photo I took of the "Mount Zoin Baptist Church" sign, in east Texas.
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    I am Fat!

    Onur, I hated the gym, cardio, and weight training when I started. I've never been an athlete so it was all new to me and it sucked. It took me at least six months of self-discipline just to make myself show up and train three days a week, before I started to see enough results that it began...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Hawker Hurricane?
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    Builds Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    I put that same combo on mine a couple of months ago, and can hardly believe the improvement in my braking, it is so much better.
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    Erratic idle 1980 2f

    Yes, a very common culprit for fuel cut solenoid non-function. The emission control "computer" circuit board connections were cold soldered at the factory, and these tend to crack over time making an intermittent (or permanent) open circuit. It's usually the soldering close to the wiring...
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    Brake lines

    Experienced this in mine for sure, and like you (and Jim C.) said, an adjustable proportioning valve did not solve it. Rear would always lock up before the front in hard braking. What did solve it for me, was to replace my stock master cylinder with an non-ABS FZJ80 master cylinder. Still...
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    Random Redneckness

    One of the wife's cars, and yeah, I haven't put the new reg sticker on yet. Fortunately for us, the cops up here don't have as sharp of eyes as yours.
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