Yamaha Wolverine 450 HELP!

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Apr 8, 2019
So I recently bought this quad and it ran perfect. Smoked little but no coolant in oil and I checked the piston and it was full of carbon like normal so I know it wasn’t a head gasket issue. I figured it was an older motor so it just burned a little oil. Long story short I change the oil with Synthetic 15w 40 as it calls for and I ran for about 15 minutes and it died like it ran out of gas. I then tried to spray starter fluid in it to atleast get it going and it wouldn’t even pop. So I tore the valve covers off adjusted the valves and to no avail. On top of all of this I CANNOT find the Vin on this quad. It’s defiently a never 2000’s model but I have no idea where I could find it. Anyone have ideas?

(Compression is at 45psi before valve adjustment)
Check the frame down by the footpegs, my ‘06 YZF450 (a near cousin to the Wolverines if you add some Kodiak parts) — has a dot matrix punched VIN on the RH side down by the footpeg.

It’s light, and the paint near fills the dots - so you need to look close.

I have an extra stripped frame I can pic the VIN so you see what I’m saying if you still don't find yours.

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