Xpel Stealth - ‘22 TRD Pro Lunar Rock

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Apr 11, 2021
I just picked up my Sequoia after getting a full vehicle Xpel Stealth film and ceramic coating. The Stealth film gives the Lunar rock a frozen, matte finish which totally transforms the appearance of the truck in addition to protecting the paint.

I was going back and forth about just doing the front end in clear PPF, but then decided what the heck let’s go all in and make the truck truly unique.

I went with one of the top installers in my area (Leeberbs LLC) and the results are outstanding in my opinion. The pics don’t really do it justice. He had previously done front PPF on my Land Cruiser so I knew his work would be high quality and meticulous.

I spent a stupid amount of money on it, so please don’t ask how much lol. Next up will be underbody rust protection and seat covers. Really loving this rig so far and look forward to keeping it for many years.

Wow that looks great. I wasn't sure how the matte would look reading your post but I think it really makes the vehicle pop in a subtle way.
Thanks. I was also unsure if the matte finish would look right on the Sequoia, but I’m very pleased with the results. Gives it sort of a subtle battleship appearance, which in my opinion is rugged yet classy.
It looks pretty cool. I asked a bit about it when you mentioned it before, but what exactly is the coating, and why does one bother with it? Is it removable? I’m kind of envisioning a high-end plasti-dip? I buy new vehicles every few years, but I’ve never heard much about it...
It’s paint protection film or PPF as it’s often called. It’s a physical barrier that protects against rock chips, swirl marks, contaminants etc. Yes, it’s removable.

It’s a personal preference, some people swear by PPF, and others don’t do it. Some people cover just the front high impact areas with PPF, others do a full wrap, and others don’t bother with it at all. Since I was planning to do a partial wrap anyway, I figured why not go all in and change the look of the truck while I’m at it.

If you only keep your vehicles a few years, I wouldn’t spend the money on PPF.
Looks awesome, what did it cost to wrap?

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