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Jan 23, 2012
Everett, Wa
I need a favor from an XJ owner. I have been looking for an ARB for my 70-series and I read somewhere that an XJ bumper (I believe around 99) was a close fit. Can someone give me some measurements? I am looking for a stock or ARB bumper's overall length, and the frame distance between the posts. Thanks!

Edit: Solved over on Expeditionportal. Mounts are: 32 3/4". The dimension to clear the fenders is 60 1/2" and tapers out to 61 1/2"." BJ73 is 28.5" for the frame and 66.5" for the overall bumper length.

ARB for an XJ is 62" wide at the front, 67" at the rear (it flares). About 59" between the bull bar uprights. 33" between the frame rails.
ARB for a 70-series is 65.5” from outside before flare, 67” from flare to flare, 30.25” from outside of Bull bar to outside bull bar, 29” from outside of frame slot to outside frame slot
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