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I had two in mine that had cracked chipboard "frames".

Nuclearlemon sent me a reasonable sun visor. It was wire framed and needs to be covered.

What I'm trying to figure out is what year is what? SOR lists thorugh 77 being one visor while 77-79 being another.

John, picture please?
I have two I bought a year or so ago that need covering then I have the two that 'sorta' match with your (think it was yours) custom wood dash--i.e. they are made from wood. All 4 have the extended arm that can "lock" into the rear view mirror tabs.

I do not know. Is it maybe that later pigs had a dif. rear view mirror with out bar holders? SOR shows the same break down of years on the mirrors.
Eric, here is that picture.

The top one is the wire frame one. I didn't pull it apart any more than shown.

The bottom one is the chipboard broken one. My other visor is like this.

As you can see, both have the peg for the rear view mirror holder:D

Well, don't know about the existence of a wood / fiber board internal pc...but all my 40 visors, my 55 visor and my spec pulled Mark II visors are wire frame.

The exception is the PO's wood working skills manifest in the followingshots.

Edit: I am begining to like the width of the wood visors though not the wieght...think I might just cover them or cut out some of the inner area and then cover.
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