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sticky control cables

take them out; remove the cable from the sleeve......grease them; reinstall also grease the linkage......PITA but works unless one is kinked...HTH

The inside plastic does wear out causing inside binding.That said pull them off and soak them in silicon over night,then move them back and forth until easy to move. Mike
damn; those were the ones I could not do that way; so in those i took them out; sprayed kroil oil and worked the crap out of them till they were silky smooth except for one that was kinked that I was able to replace HTH..the hardest one to get to is the one that controls the heater box opening

No need to disasseble, silicone will get in there if you drop them in a pan of it. Then work them back and forth until loose. MIke
poke the cable through a bottom corner of a ziplock. tape the crap out of it right at the end of the sheath, making sure the point where the cable enters the sheath is inside theziplock. Spray a bunch of white lithium spray grease in the bag. zip the top closed with a bag full of air. wait until spray lube makes it to bottom corner of bag, then squeeze. this will force the lube down the cable. work the cable back and forth.
have not done mine yet, put it sounds like a cable luber fitting for a motorcycle cable might help out. it is used to lube cables that are not usually pulled apart. I will try mine this weekend and see if it works.
I used a baggie and WD40 to flush out the one dirty one I had and then did the white lithium deal... works well, ofr sure. like you would imagine a new cable worked.

Keep in mind PO hasty removal may have kinked the stiff wire, and it will show in the housing somewhat but really be a pain. Try an bend the cable housing to be a smooth as possible. the majority of the shape of the cable is actually the wire inside, so careful bending will smooth things out significantly.

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