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would like to see some pics of the finished product. I have a chevy column going into my 55 with all the gm wiring... been pondering something similar but truck wipers are pretty big. This is going to be mounted inside the cab right? About what year motor is that? And does it have about the same sweeping arc as the 55's motor? I too thought about cutting and welding the two arms together, but if the new motor rotates much further than the origional I think the wipers wouldn't sweep right...
Sorry for bumping the old thread:
Hey Lil John, I'm wondering how this unit ever matched up to the FJ55 linkage? I kinda slightly broke my stock wiper motor when I was working on it, it works but the gear is sliding on the worm gear so it won't move past a certain point on the revolution. Anyway, I'm looking for a new cheaper alternative as SOR wants 100 for a used one.

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